I was a builder and wanked with mates on site

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Submitted by Alfie

This website is great. I think I read all the posts over the last few months. I haven’t had a wank with a mate for a long time but reading the posts has taken me back to when I used to. I was a labourer in the ’90s and worked around London on some of the big projects. My main thing was plastering but I dabbled in everything else. Attitudes to things back then were different and I don’t think it’s like that now but we would stop for wanks sometimes. We didn’t have phones and all that stuff so wank mags were the usual. Lads would have them in the van or in the site office and they would be passed around. You didn’t plan to meet up with a mate to have a wank but if you were on a job and your mate got his cock out in the van to have a wank you just did it too. No one really thought about it much you just enjoyed the mags and rubbed one out before getting back to work.

A few of the lads used the portaloos for their wanks because there was always a mag or two left laying around in there but you always had those guys who just didn’t give a fuck about it and they’d get their dick out and just get started. I wouldn’t say I was one of those guys but I’ve got a good cock and I wasn’t shy about it. I had lots of wanks in the van with my mate Tony.

It was never talked about. We didn’t plan it or become wank mates or anything like that. It was probably only once or twice a month when we’d be sitting around on a break or something and the mags would come out.

I think about a few of those guys and wonder how many of them would have been interested in hand jobs and stuff like that. I don’t think I would have been at the time but I’m into it now. I want to find a mate I can properly wank off with and help each other with it. I guess I’ve changed a lot over the years and I wish I’d been more into it then when the opportunities were there.

There was never any mutual stuff that I know about. We never really talked about our dicks or openly looked at a mates cock but I know I watched secretly and seeing a mate cum was pretty good and usually got me jizzing too. It depended what was available to cum on. Sometimes there were maccy d bags laying around in the van and we’d cum into those but other times we had to use a newspaper. I remember I used to throw out the maccy d bags as soon as I could so we didn’t have any to use because it was always better if we had to cum over an open paper in our laps. I got to see my mate cum if there weren’t bags to aim our dicks into.

I miss it. If there are guys out there like I was and you’ve got mates like that make the most of it when you can 😉

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2 thoughts on “I was a builder and wanked with mates on site

  • July 31, 2020 at 11:08 pm

    Love this- just chilled no pressure wanking with your mates. Ultimate bonding experience

  • August 3, 2020 at 8:05 am

    Wanked with a guy who worked as a plumber a few times and he was really chilled out about it too. Maybe its’ something about the trades that makes guys cool with wanking off with mates? lol


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