I’ve always wanked with some of my rugby mates

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Submitted by Craig in Cambridge

I read your story on here by WankFan about Rugby players wanking in the showers and to be honest it’s never been like that for my and my mates but I have wanked with rugby mates a few times before.

Been on a team for five years now and the lads are great. It’s not just about the game it’s about having a good time. We go out and get pissed a few times a month, I’ve been in a couple of threesomes with one of the lads and a girl he was seeing, I watched porn with two of the guys last year and we rubbed one out, had a cumshot contest with another mate – bigger squirter buys the beers. There’s a lot of that going on and I don’t do most of it coz my missus would cut my nuts off if she found out.

We definitely aren’t pussies like the footballers.

Not into cock other than wanking it but enjoyed the wanks I had with the lads. I wouldn’t turn down some friendly wanking swapping cocks either if the chance was there, it’s just another hand getting you off. To be honest I think it would be pretty fucking horny to feel a mates dick and have him wanking me off.

Anyway, thanks.


Craig has since shared a mutual wank with one of his Rugby mates.

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7 years ago

Great post! I’m a footballer and I wanked with some of my mates. It’s not just you Rugby blokes enjoying your dicks together lol

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