Ivy League Group Bate

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Submitted by James

I swear I love talking about dick and sharing stories almost as much as I love bating. Was getting real hard earlier thinking about an experience I had in undergrad and figured I would share with my brothers here.

I went to a prestigious Ivy League school for an MBA and that’s where I first discovered the unparalleled thrill of exhibitionism and cruising. I loved to get my dick out all over campus. My favorite place to show off my cock was at the university’s science center.

The basement bathroom was c shaped with sinks by the entrance and then the urinals and stalls around the corner. It was perfect for cruising because you could hear people entering. I would spend hours in that bathroom stroking off and showing my dick to all the curious undergrads and professors. Saw many classmates and teachers of mine would be caught peering through the gap in the stall.

Most of the time it was just me and another guy, occasionally a third. My experiences at the science center started off as just exhibitionism, but slowly progressed. I’ll never forget the first time I let a man touch me in there. The rough, warm feeling of his hands felt so good it still makes me leak thinking about it.

One very eventful evening I had been edging in a stall for about an hour and a half. I was just about ready to give up when a guy came and sat next to me. After a few minutes he tapped his foot and soon after we were on our knees. He had a beautiful, long, cut cock (probably about 8 inches) with a massive, dark bush. He had incredibly hairy legs too.

We were getting really worked up and slowly our helmets started to glide against each other, sharing our precum. I could feel myself coming closer when suddenly someone came in.

The new visitor stood at the urinals outside our stalls, but didn’t pee. After a few moments he started to turn around and look through our stalls. That’s when I noticed he was holding a rock hard cock. I knelt down and slide my cock back under the stall while staring at the man, stroking his cock as I had mine stroked.

We were once again interrupted. One set of feet was followed by another within a few seconds. However, again there were no sounds of urine. Through the gap I saw the man at the urinals turn to his side. He was showing off for the new arrivals!

I decided to join the crowd and see who had busted us. I stood up, pants around my ankle, and walked out of the stall with my hard cock firmly in my hand. One undergraduate student and two older men were stroking off. One was Latin, maybe 45, and had a beautiful, brown uncut cock. The other older man was probably around 60, white with greying hair, and a short, thick, cut cock. The student must’ve been a freshman, although a bro-y one. I wouldn’t have expected him to be at the cruising urinals – he had a nice, slim 6 inch cut cock. It had a soft, blonde, neatly trimmed bush above it. He beat off feverishly at the sight of all of us. Finally my mate in the next stall joined us. He was a graduate student I had seen around campus. Cute, a little nerdy, but his dick was something else!

Almost immediately all five of us gathered around in a little circle. We knew we needed to be quick because people frequented this restroom. I had never been in a group bate with this many men before. We each took turns stroking off for one another and rubbing our heads together.

I was the first one to fire off (at this point I had been going for a while). I shot my load in the middle of us, while a few of the guys gave small cheers (still cruising, had to be relatively quite). I loved the sense of brotherhood we had in there. Each one of us shot with enthusiasm and was met with pats on the back, smiles, and complements on our beautiful cocks.

We didn’t even bother cleaning up. There was honestly too much cum. I’ve jerked off so many times thinking what the dude who was in there next must’ve thought of that bucket load of jizz from us, five strangers.

I’ve seen the undergrad and grad student around a couple of times. The grad student always gives me a little smile. Never have stroked his dick again, but I’ll never forget the feeling of it rubbing against mine.

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2 thoughts on “Ivy League Group Bate

  • June 20, 2022 at 11:01 am

    One of the things I’m surprised by is how few university bator groups there seems to be. They must be out there. If I’d gone to uni I would have been rubbing dicks with every dude I could find! lol

    Thanks for your experience. Really enjoyed it.
    Would love to read more.

  • June 22, 2022 at 10:04 am

    My first time wanking another cock was understall in London. Never even thought about doing anything like that until it happened. I just thought fuck it and felt his dick and soon we were reaching under and wanking each other off. That’s what got me into the bator scene and I haven’t looked back since 🙂


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