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Jack and Parker jacking off together in the woods

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Video title: Showing Him the Way

I’ve got some great action from an awesome new site I’ve been checking out today and I think you guys are gonna want to check it out too.

The Guy Site is our kind of place, just real men who don’t give a fuck, getting their dicks out and having a good time. There’s a lot of full on fucking there but plenty of awesome videos like this one, with horny men just enjoying their cocks and stroking out some loads together.

Jack is the big hairy muscle dude showing new guy Parker what it’s like to get naked in the woods and enjoy those dicks in a quick jack off. The guys get naked and Jack takes a piss, then the big guy is leading his new buddy up to one of his fave spots where the two watch porn on their phones, stroke their cocks, check each other out and see their buddy splashing cream from his dick.

Jack has been in a lot of great videos on the site and this isn’t the first time he’s led a new dude up to the woods for some cum splashing fun. He actually started out totally straight but I guess he’s explored a whole lot about himself since and that’s probably not the case now. I don’t want to give it all away so you should probably go and see the other videos he’s been in.

Parker isn’t new to showing off on video, he’s done some solo jack off work before, but this is his first time getting his cock out for a wank with another dude in the woods and by the looks of that big meaty cock swinging around and the way he checks out Jack enjoying his he’s got some interest in jerking buddies.

I know a lot of you guys love sharing a good bate with a buddy out in the woods so this video is probably gonna do it for you, it definitely did it for me!

I’m gonna be looking through all their scenes over the next month or so and sharing some of the best buddy bate videos on the blog for you guys to check out, but if this has already got you interested click through any of the pics below and take a look around.

Click for the video
Click for the video

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4 years ago

Yes I enjoy jacking off . i might enjoy it with others.

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