Jack Costelow's Uncut Straight Teen Dick Gets A Load Out
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Jack Costelow’s Uncut Straight Teen Dick Gets A Load Out

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Video title: Young Tall & Lean Straight Lad Wanks his Big Uncut Cock & Squirts a Load of Cum Everywhere!

Source: EnglishLads

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We have another horny new bator to enjoy! I think you’re all gonna enjoy meeting this one, and you’re gonna want to see him back to share the bate with one of the other lads. He’s so easygoing with that cock. Some guys just have that perfect attitude for bator play with other boys.

His name is Jack Costelow and he’s got a nice uncut straight teen dick to show off and play with in this debut solo session.

They definitely have a type. At only 18 he’s a sporty young man who seems to be used to getting his cock out and showing off. I don’t know if he’s technically an exhibitionist, but he’s not shy.

You can imagine him being one of those lads who doesn’t give a fuck if his cock gets stiff in the group showers.

He’s been in a shoot for their FitYoungMen site before this so he’s not coming into this completely new. This is his first time being filmed wanking and spurting his cum for an audience of guys, though.

Once his shorts are off his cock is swelling up and he’s clearly needing a good release.

He’s a confident bator.

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This lad is definitely a bator bro. I don’t know if he’s ever had the opportunity to chill out with a mate and wank off but he’s got that super easygoing attitude. His long straight teen dick is soon rigid and damp with precum.

There’s not a shy moment in this video. Jack just gets to work and wanks his meat, showing off for the cameras and finishing with a big gushing spurt up his smooth body.

He reminds me a lot of several wankers I stroked with back when I was his age. There’s no hesitation, no fear, just a horny lad giving his cock a good rubbing and shooting his dick juice up himself.

I really can’t wait to see him jacking it with one of their other lads.

All their guys seem open enough to share the bate with other guys but Jack is one of the most chilled out wankers I’ve seen in a while.

Click here and see him pleasing his bate stick!

Run time: 31:41

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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