Jacking off with my big-balled neighbor Boris

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Submitted by Edger87

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I’ve been enjoying all the experiences from other bators and their friends and decided to send mine.

I’ve been bisexual since college but I’m really only interested in jacking off and maybe sucking with the right guy. I have an open relationship with my wife and it’s been that way since we met in college. It’s a great relationship to be in, we both understand each other and we have the freedom to explore as long as we tell each other and share the fun. We’ve had two threesomes in the past, we invited a guy and a girl. We have a rule that we don’t do anything with anyone we know.

This is about my jack off fun with my neighbor Boris. That’s not his real name but he likes being called that as a joke because he’s Russian.

We knew each other for a few months before we started jacking off together. Last year we had a party and me and Boris got bored (it was mostly my wife’s colleagues and friends from her yoga class). We’d had a few beers and went to look at my car in the garage because I’d scraped it up hitting a barrier at work a few days before and Boris is good with that kind of thing.

He started talking about one of the girls at the party and how hot he thought she was and asking me questions about whether she was single. I knew she was engaged so that kind of ended that but then he got his phone out and started looking through it and showing me some of the girls he’d fooled around with.

Whenever I jacked off with guys before it was mostly me who got it started apart from twice at urinals and one time at the gym when it was other guys showing their cocks. I wasn’t used to other guys instigating it but I knew where it was going. He showed me photos with his last girlfriend when she was riding his cock, then a few where she was sucking him.

Obviously we all know that when something like this happens dicks are gonna get stiff. My cock was getting hard and I playing with it in my jeans and Boris started doing the same and then he just asked if he could jack off before we got back to the party.

Ten seconds later we had our cocks out and we were jacking off to a video he made with a girl. We didn’t pay much attention to each other’s dicks but I got some peeks at his and noticed that he had big balls and he was uncut too. Finally I was ready to cum and then he moved his phone and we watched each other shooting off. It was a good cum for such a short jack off, we both splashed it out over the floor and made a good mess.

That was the first time but a couple weeks after that we met up again to watch porn and this time we could take our time and really show off. That was when we really compared cocks. It was summer so we were both only wearing shorts and it was easy. We were sitting on his couch watching porn and just openly stroking our cocks and talking about sex and looking at each other’s dicks.

My cock is about 7 inches but his is about 8 and a bit thicker. I get real hard but Boris is one of those guys who doesn’t get fully stiff it’s more like he just swells up and gets thicker and longer. I’ve jacked off with a couple uncut guys before and it’s always fun. I like seeing a hood on a good dick. His big balls are one of the best things about it though. I always liked seeing photos and videos of guys with big balls but none of the guys I’ve experienced anything with had real big ones like Boris. I was spending as much time watching his big balls bounce around as I was watching his cock.

We were jacking off for nearly an hour that time and Boris was the first one to finish. I started cumming up myself when he started. He can cum a lot too and it was great seeing him squirting it over his stomach and up to his pecs.

I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who would be into jacking each other but I’m cool with just sharing our porn and enjoying our bate although I would love to feel those balls and give them some tugs while jacking him off. He’s real relaxed about it and says he used to jack off with two of his friends back in Russia. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing but I get the idea Russian men don’t see masturbation with their friends like most American men do. If they want to watch porn and jack off they will and they’re not shy about it. It’s different to jacking each other though, that’s something I just don’t think he would be interested in.

Maybe one day he’ll let me feel it and play with those nuts but until then I’m good just having a regular bate bud nearby. I did tell my wife about it and although we had that rule about not doing anything with people we know she doesn’t think jacking off together is the same so she’s okay with it.

Thanks for all the awesome stories. I have others from other times with random guys if you want to read those. Some of them might be a bit similar to other guys stories so I don’t know if you’d want to read about those but let me know.

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