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Jacking off with my football buddies

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Submitted by Rick

I was meaning to send this months ago but the sports month thing you guys started for November got me writing it.

I had a jack off club from 2004 to 2007. It started when I converted my basement into a game room and my buddies started coming over. There was usually six of us but sometimes other buddies would stop by for a beer.

It started out pretty basic. Just a few buddies watching the game and playing pool but then I hooked up the internet down there (so I could watch porn and jack off in peace) and when my buddies found out we could watch porn down there they were into it.

I guess when you get a few guys together and they’re buzzing, with porn playing on a big screen TV, someone is gonna get their cock out.

The first time there was three of us and my buddy Tony was the one who started it. Me and my other buddy gave him crap for it but then we got our dicks out too. I never thought I would be doing anything like that with any of my buddies but it was fun. We all just shot off some loads and wasn’t a big deal.

The next week I had a few guys over but Tony stuck around after the other guys left and we watched another movie and jacked off again.

We got into a habit and although I was cool with it just being me, Tony and our buddy Jake Tony was so open about it we eventually had a group of six of us. I thought a few of the regular guys who came by would freak out about something like that but none of them did. There was two other guys who didn’t know about it all but that was just because they were never there when it came up. I think they probably would have been cool with it too. Sometimes it would just be me and Tony, other times it would be all six of us all jacking off.

I never thought about it much. I definitely never thought there were groups out there where guys do this and we didn’t talk about it with anyone outside the group it was just one of those things us guys did together.

It came to an end when I had to move for work. Never jacked off with another guy since. I really miss it. There wasn’t any mutual jacking back then but I think about that now and it would be cool to find a few buddies to do that with. I just want to see what it’s like to jack another cock.

If I’d known about things like BuddyBate back then things probably would have been more interesting. I can’t believe we never thought of having cum shot contests! That would have been a good time.



After we moved most of my game room went into storage but when I found this site last year I started working on converting the basement again. I had to fight my wife for it. She was talking about setting up a sewing room down there but after five years of her not doing anything with it I’ve told her it’s mine now, she can have the attic if she wants.

It’s a lot more work than the last place but I got a buddy helping me out and I think he might be the kind of guy into jacking off with a bud. It should be done by Feb so I’ll let you know what happens.

I already got a BuddyBate sticker on the beam above the stairs and my buddy noticed it the first time and I said I didn’t know what it was but we left it there anyway. I wonder if any of the other guys I invite over will recognize it. I’m gonna invite a couple of my buddies from back then to come and stay for a weekend too maybe we’ll have another jack off.

Thanks for the site. It’s awesome. I wish this had existed back then.

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4 years ago

Awesome! Can’t wait to read your next story!

4 years ago

Brings back memories! Had wanks with football mates in the showers but had some good wanks with those mates when they came over to watch a match at weekends. That was before I got married lol

4 years ago


Hot fukn story man! haven’t had a group

yet cant wait to share mine!

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