Jamie Sherringham Gets Some Help With His Straight Uncut Dick
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Jamie Sherringham Gets Some Help With His Straight Uncut Dick

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Video title: Young, Straight & Lean Lad Wanks his Huge Uncut Cock & Shoots a Big Load of Cum all over the Place!

Studio: EnglishLads

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We’ve seen Jamie Sherringham enjoying his long uncut footballer cock a couple of times. We’re very glad to see him back again for another bate session.

This horny lad is happy to get a little help with his straight uncut dick.

The first time we saw him he was letting the director fondle and wank his cock for him. It’s not a surprise to see he’s eager for a little more of that friendly penis play in this visit.

As you might know, he’s a football playing straight lad.

In the UK that generally seems to mean a lad isn’t shy about showing off his hooded dick and having a good time swinging it around.

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A lot of sporty guys like him seem to have that kind of chilled out attitude when it comes to getting their dick out.

You know he’s spent a lot of time in the team showers with all his naked mates and he’s probably used to seeing a few cocks thickening up and bouncing around. He might be one of those lads who lets his own straight uncut dick stiffen.

I can confidently say you’d all love to help him out with that hard one, if you had the chance.

Can you imagine kicking back with him and just enjoying a good long afternoon of cock rubbing? It would be awesome to show him what some real edging feels like.

He has a good time in this video.

After all that showing off and cock fondling his straight uncut dick is spewing a nice hot cum load all over his abs.

We follow him into the shower to clean up. I’m not the only one thinking about him surrounded by his footballer mates with dicks swinging, right? 🙂

Click here and watch him having a good time. Let’s hope we get to see him teamed up with a fellow wanker for his next visit. We all want to see how much he enjoys some cock-on-cock frotting, right?

Run time: 38:50

Click for the video
Click for the video

Studio: EnglishLads

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