Jerking off together feels manly

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So I’m one of those guys who feels “mostly straight” even though I am into mutual masturbation and maybe frotting. But most of my experiences are just masturbating together, both guys handling themselves. Yeah, it is two guys looking at each other’s cocks, but for whatever reason, I don’t find it all that homoerotic personally. I feel like there are plenty of guys who stop there and would still say they’re “straight” since they’re not into anything more, and romantically interested in women. That’s how I originally felt, but did find out I liked the feeling of holding another guy’s cock later on.

Even still, when I’m erect along with a bud, the best way I can describe those sessions is fraternal, but not exactly “brotherly”. I know a lot of guys say they get a sense of male bonding from masturbating together, and while I can relate to that a little, I feel something different. To me, it seems like a competitive act, so let me explain what I mean.

The first thing to happen when two guys reveal their penis to each other is the sizing up: is he bigger, or smaller? And of course having a big dick is something guys will always be proud of, so taking them out and comparing them will usually set one as the “winner” right off the bat. Beyond that, guys almost never see another dick outside of porn, so they will probably notice if the other one is circumcised, if he’s hairy, thicker, etc. When I take my boxers off with a bud, It feels natural for us to compare our cocks as men, because we always find ways to measure up against one another anyway!

Having our dicks out together and showing off a hard-on without any stroking is almost my favorite part of a bate session, funny enough. It’s like presenting your “manhood”, as some like to call it, and leaving it there for the other to see, nothing to hide. That’s sort of what drives the sexual part of it for me. I feel like we get so hard because both of us want to have the best cock to show off to the other.

Finally though, the most competitive part will come out if you have ever stood up or kneeled down with a bud, letting your cocks face each other while masturbating. I often find it’s hard not to hold them very close, almost touching, when jerking this way. It feels like the both of us are making it clear whose cock is bigger, who’s jerking off faster, closer to cumming, all that. It also gets intense, and guys who don’t seem to be interested in getting any of the other’s cum on them are suddenly shooting back and forth with a lot of friendly fire going on.

Of course it’s pretty common to see whose load is bigger and thicker, definitely watching the other’s pumping leading up to their ejaculation, ending the whole competition aspect in my view. But what I’ve also noticed is a session is so much more satisfying when both of us can shoot our loads at the same time, one within seconds of the other, and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same!

And that brings me to the real reason I think masturbating with a bud is manly. Guys almost always masturbate alone and have to conceal it from everyone because it’s considered such a private thing, like no one else wants to see that. When jerking off together, it kind of breaks that whole taboo, and two men are able to share something that almost all of us do.

Not only is it sharing that pleasure of stroking, but in my opinion, that sense of masculinity a guy feels when holding his cock and taking a look at it. It’s a huge turn-on for me that we’re all so good at making ourselves cum, so meeting up to jerk off lets us see how someone else does it too. It’s even better when we can be naked together, since guys are usually so uncomfortable being exposed around other guys, and it adds to that “fraternal” feeling I mentioned earlier.

Overall, I’d say masturbating together is a very man-to-man experience, and adds the pleasure of one guy enjoying his cock with another guy doing the same, being able to watch. And if you’re lucky, you’ll both have that moment of getting to cum at the same time, which makes the orgasm feel so much better somehow! To be honest, I even feel the same way during mutual masturbation, which shows each guy the other’s way of masturbating, and usually makes us way more eager to jerk it so the other will blow his load at our command.

I hope some other guys feel this way, but let me know what you think anyway!

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3 thoughts on “Jerking off together feels manly

  • June 10, 2020 at 2:15 am

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s tough to find buddies who identify as hetero romantically, but still enjoy the fraternal bro-bonding if being able to be naked together in a spa or lockeroom and bate together without wanting anything more. I like Vegas spas for that feeling of being free and naked with guys and just the fraternal tone. Bate buddies who have happy female relationships and/or marriage are even harder to find.

  • August 2, 2020 at 3:18 am

    Totally get this- it’s the fraternal bonding of being naked and totally relaxed with another guy that makes it so enjoyable, not necessarily a romantic thing


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