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Jerking off with my buddies at the cabin

Submitted by Jerry in Texas

I have two jerk off buddies. We’ve been beating dicks for about five years. It used to be just kicking back with a beer and jerking off watching porn but then one night we started playing this game of chicken and one thing just kinda led to another.

We did a lot of shit that night. It started out with dares like “kiss Gary’s ass” but toward the end of it there was some cock sucking involved and shooting cum on each other. I dared my buddy Gary to cum on Steve and then dared Steve to taste it.

Although we were drunk and we all felt really weird about it the next day it did change things for the better. After that night everyone was cool about jerking each other off. I never thought about it before that night but since then it’s been great. Before that I never thought I would ever touch another dude’s dick but it’s been fucking awesome.

We don’t get as many jerk off sessions as we would like but a few times a year we all manage to get away from things and we go “fishing” at Gary’s cabin. We spend the whole time watching porn drinking beer and jerking off.

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