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Jerking with a bud I met at the club

Submitted by Josh

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I’ve been visiting this site for awhile now and have been meaning to share some experiences I’ve had jerking off with some buds. I’m straight, have a girlfriend, but I’ve been in moods to stroke with another dude from time to time. There’s not much that compares with sharing a jerk off with another bud, it’s great bonding and a way to share a vulnerable moment together. Another dude is trusting you when he lets you watch him cum. I guess I’ll share one experience now from when I was in college.

I was 22, and I’m 28 now. I was out at a club in town with another guy friend. At the time we did not have girlfriends, so we were trying to get laid that night. My friend ended up meeting a chick and things worked out for him. I didn’t have as much luck that night and spent most of the evening at the bar having some drinks. I was talking to another dude sitting at the bar, he was also about 22, and we hit it off pretty well, he was chill and looking for a chick too. We would float around the place and hit on some girls but kept reconvening at the bar. We would talk about the girls we saw and what they were wearing. I think we were both pretty horny. As the night went on, we had a lot of beers but no girls. We talked about how we needed to get off that night. We were just two horny dudes, talking about our past sexual conquests. Then I remember he muttered “fuck, dude, I just need to go home and jerk off.”

Now as I’ve said, I’ve jerked with a couple dudes before at this point, so this sounded like an opportunity. I glanced down and noticed a bulge in his jeans, I’m sure if he looked at me he could have seen the same. I was rock hard from all this sex talk. I then told him that I had some hot porn at my apartment, and since my roommate was home for the weekend, we could go back to my place and watch together. He was down. We walked a couple blocks to my apartment, sat down on my couch and I turned on the flatscreen TV to show some porn.

The tension that’s in the air the first time you stroke with bud is amazing. You are both acting like you are watching the porn and talking about what is happening on the screen, but you’re both wondering what the other dudes thinking or what his cock looks like. He mentioned that he hadn’t done this before but he was so horny he didn’t care. And I was rock hard in my jeans. We were sitting back in the couch, and I glanced over to see his hand rubbing his cock through his jeans, legs spread, but jeans still on. I unbuckled by jeans, slid the fly down and rubbed my dick through my boxers. He was doing the same. Our shirts came off next. I’m in shape and fit, as I run several miles a day and go to the gym 3 days a week. He was also a fit guy, maybe a little taller than me (I’m 5 foot 11), but also in shape and had nice abs. Not super abs, but toned just enough to see their shape. We continued for a minute then he said that he need to let his cock loose; it was straining against the fabric of his jeans. I said, “shit, lets just get these pants off.”

I watched as he slid his jeans and boxers off. His cock was so hard, it went down with his jeans, then slapped up against his abs as it was finally let free. It was like slow motion as I watched it bounce a couple times as a string of precum attached to his stomach from the head of his cock. His balls jiggled loose underneath and rested on the couch as he spread open his legs. I was equally hard and leaking. It was late spring semester, so the warm weather and hot room allowed our balls to be loose and low. It felt amazing to finally put my hand on my cock.

We both moaned as we finally stroked ourselves. We were both glancing at each other’s cock as we watched the porn. He was actually the first one to say “nice cock dude!” and I complemented him as well. I have a 7 in cut cock, with a clearly defined ridge around the head, with pretty big balls. My girlfriends have even mentioned my low hangers, almost every one of them. He had a slightly longer cock, about 8 inches, cut, and a vein that ran along the length of his shaft. We both were shaved, except for a patch above our cocks.

I got some lube out and we moved a little closer to one another so that our legs touched. It was just unspoken that we needed to be closer as we shared the experience. Between the smell of hot leaking cocks, and the sound of the porn, and the visual of both of us nude, we were both ultra hard and horny.
We talked about how we needed this after all the banter at the club.

I then made the first move to ask if I could stroke him for awhile. He didn’t even hesitate and let go of his cock. I slowly wrapped my hand around it and felt the warmness and rigidity of his length while also the softness of the skin along his shaft. He quickly reach over and did the same. I lifted my leg, slide closer, and put it over his leg as we stroked each others cocks. Our balls hung down as our legs were spread further apart now. We played with each others balls. I felt the weight of his nuts as I rolled them in my fingers. He slowly copied me and felt mine. We had control of each other. I had complete control of him with his hard cock in my hand, slowly feeling the length from the tip down to his cock root. Every so often, some precum would drool out of his dick and I would spread it around his cock head.

My cock also continued to leak. We even shared precum as lube, when I took a drop from my cock head and applied it to his frenulum. We moaned and stopped paying attention to the porn on the TV. He looked at my cock and would play with the tip in his fingers, feeling my cock ridge as it flared out form the shaft.

After about 15 minutes of stroking, he said that he needed to cum. I did too. I asked him if we wanted to watch each other or make each other shoot. He chose the latter. We decided that we would let each other know as we got close, so we could shoot around the same time.

Shortly after I started jerking him faster, I could feel his cock expand. He said that he was close, and I was too. Our loads had been building up for several hours and were about to let loose. He said “Fuck dude I’m gonna cum!” as his abs tightened and balls raised up in their folds of skin. I told him I was ready too. We moaned even louder and yelled “fuck” as our cocks pulsed and finally shot volleys of cum into the air and on our abs, chest, and neck. For those readers who have not jerked with a bud, it’s amazing to feel your bud’s cock as it shoots a load of hot cum, pulsing with each volley realized. We both were squirming as we shot our loads into the air, and sat back with the satisfaction of finally getting off. “Holy Shit, that was amazing” he said as our breathing returned to normal. “Glad to help out” I said.

We ended up jerking two more times in the future, before we graduated. Not sure what he’s up to now, but that night, we needed to cum and I’m glad we both helped each other out.

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4 thoughts on “Jerking with a bud I met at the club

  • May 26, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    Hot story, sounds like a great experience.

  • May 26, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    WOW, dude that got me hard and throbbing.
    Great detailed recall of how you both enjoyed controlling each other’s cocks and being able to share your Pre w each other as lube is tremendous.
    Sounds like you both enjoyed getting each other off by the casual way it didn’t bother either one of you to openly moan by the others touch.
    Hope you share some other memories with us.
    My son is visiting me on leave. He is a medic in the Army and likes to tell me about all the bate buddies he catches but it would be cool if he could leave for a few minutes so I could take care of this raging hard on.
    It probably wouldn’t bother him at all because of the way he was raised to not be shy, be proud of what he has, and the fact that I would catch him rubbing on off almost 3 times a week as he was growing up. But you know how it can be.
    Thanks again dude.

    • June 6, 2018 at 1:47 pm

      Hey man, married dad of one here, and I just wanted to say how hot, for some reason, I thought it was to hear that your son talks about the guys he beats off with, with you. Gave my dick a twitch to read it! Certainly not a conversation I ever plan to have with my daughter (though now I’m interested to hear if she’s brought it up with her mother!), but I think we’d like to hear about some of your son’s stories. Yours too, if you have any.

  • May 27, 2018 at 6:39 am

    that was a extremely hot story. Busted my nut at the same time you did in the story.


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