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Jerking with someone

Submitted by Ian

Yo, I’ve never jerked with another person before but I figured why not try it since everyone says it’s a good experience. I’m straight and so are all my other friends but my friends are probably too uncomfortable with themselves to jerk with another person. Any advice on how to jerk with someone else?

Hi Ian, thanks for writing in.

I was just reading an article about YouGov poll data suggesting that almost half of all 18-25-year old’s now identify as not being straight or gay. They’re not picking bisexual either. Mostly this suggests that a larger number of millennial’s now refuse to assign a label to themselves and understand that their sexuality is more complex than the labels allow.

This same article then went on to discuss mutual masturbation as a growing activity among those who either identify as straight/curious, that while this is mostly on-line many guys are experiencing this as a part of their sexual life too.

So, when you say that all your friends are straight, perhaps this is a default answer that might not truly reflect reality.

This is more about the “friends or strangers” question.

Even if one or two of your friends would be into mutual masturbation there’s no need to focus exclusively on opportunities with them. There are numerous ways to meet others for such an experience, from forums and blogs like this one to apps. I mentioned this not long ago and think it’s worth mentioning again; just because Grindr is marketed to gay men doesn’t mean it’s all about anal between gay men. Millions of gay men are actually not that interested in anal sex, some are not even interested in oral. There are millions of men using services like that who are simply curious, hooking up for mutual wanking, looking for their first experience of jerking another guy off or other activities.

As long as you’re up-front with those you are interested in meeting, there will probably be plenty of other guys you could meet through services like that just for a masturbation experience. I know plenty of gay/bi/straight guys who would love nothing more than to spend an evening jerking off with a straight/curious/horny guy.

Having said that, I think most guys have better experiences with guys they already know or new friends they’re getting to know. Even though your friends are all straight and you think they probably wouldn’t be into it, they would probably think the same about you, right? If one of those guys put some porn on with you there, got his cock out and started stroking you wouldn’t run screaming from the room, right? So, maybe they wouldn’t either.

Most guys have that friend who always seems to be the one getting his cock out when he’s had a couple of beers, or the friend who talks a lot about wanking, about sex, the guy who shows his friends porn videos on his phone… that’s the guy you’re best off trying something with. Forget the friends who can’t even get their cock out at the urinals with someone else there. If you have a friend who isn’t scared to get their cock out in front of their mates then he’s the one to consider.

All you need to do is arrange the right circumstances, create the right opportunity.

Most of the time all it takes is two friends hanging out and having a few beers, then some porn. If you can go seamlessly from a regular hangout with a buddy to getting some porn on the screen chances are you’ll both be jerking off in minutes. It’s really that simple for most guys, while we’re complex we know what we like and we mostly like porn lol

I would say don’t be precious about these things, don’t make unnecessary drama, don’t make it a mission. Create the opportunities among the guys you know and see what happens, it will probably all happen naturally if you just adopt an “I don’t give a shit” attitude. If not, grow your circle of friends and look for more, you’ll soon start to figure out the “kinds of guys” who are generally into it.

For example, a surfer dude is gonna be more into it than a stereotypical jar-head. Some stereotypes are true.

I hope that helps, sorry it’s such a long post, it was only supposed to be a quick one! lol



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4 thoughts on “Jerking with someone

  • December 13, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    Great advice right there. When I was looking for a wank mate for the first time I thought a lot about some of my mates and all of them were too “straight”. Or at least I thought they were. One of the guys I work out with turned out to be all about wanking it. All it took was the right moment, talking about how horny we get after working out, then he was flashing me his stiffy. Three months later we’re wanking each other off a couple of times a week. Never judge a book by its cover. Most guys would have no idea I’m into wanking it with other dudes.

    • December 18, 2016 at 1:28 pm

      im similar. i dont look like i would be into it. im a big guy and look rough and mean sometimes. truth is im pretty shy about it and even when ive seen guys checking out my cock at the gym or at urinals i get hard but never do anything about it. one time a guy at the gym was wanking off looking at my stiffy and i could have just wanked with him but i left. i wouldn’t do that now. those times are pretty rare though.

  • December 21, 2016 at 10:59 am

    I’m real lucky. I already had a great connection with my buddy. We were friends for years and it all just seemed like a natural progression for us. We’re closer than we’ve ever been because of it. Our wives crack jokes about us being in a bromance, like a married couple, but that’s what happens when you’re best friends and you’ve worked together so closely for so many years.
    If you have a friend like that it’ll happen naturally. Don’t force it with someone that close to you. I think you could risk losing them as a friend if you try to force that kind of closeness. If you don’t have a friend that close then maybe do what’s suggested and look for other buddies to get that experience.

  • December 24, 2016 at 10:13 am

    This is a great response!
    This is what I was looking for.
    I’m still going to have trouble getting the bravery up to actually go out and do it but it’s got me thinking about all the opportunities there are out there. I don’t think I would try a gay app or anything like that but maybe I could start talking to people on-line a little more.


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