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How do you join the BuddyBate community? It’s really simple.

By being an adult male (18+) and visiting this website with an interest in the fun and friendship found in shared masturbation with other men you’re already technically a member, but there are other ways to be more involved if you seek to meet new friends.

First, we recommend establishing which kind of Bator you are. You can find information about the thee levels here (opens in another tab)

1. BuddyBate buttons/stickers

The BuddyBate Map shows where we’ve sent our exclusive BuddyBate pins and stickers to readers all around the world. Thousands of men in major cities and smaller towns have adopted our discreet little design as a way to show their interest to others in-the-know. Wearing a BuddyBate pin at work or having one of the stickers on you water bottle for the gym advertises your membership of the community to any others who have buttons and stickers too. To anyone else they’re meaningless, but to those who know it’s an invitation to say ‘Hi’. Click to check out the map.

2. Submit a personal post

We started the personal post section so that readers here could put themselves out there in the community and seek out others locally to meet up with. Whether you’re new to it and just a little curious, or you have a buddy already and want to create a local club of like-minded men, it’s a great way to look for others in your area. Many of our readers have found new friends to socialize and bate with thanks to our personal posts. Click here to check them out and submit your own.

3. Engage on posts

A simple way to be a part of this community is to comment on posts that interest you. Thousands of guys read the posts here when they arrive but very few leave a comment. Comments not only help us with search engine ranking and engagement signals, they show other readers that a post is active and it encourages them to leave comments too, gradually building up the interactive nature of the community. Please consider leaving a comment on the posts you read.

4. Submit your own experiences

Our readers love our fiction, but they love the experiences of other readers even more. Most of our readers have a deep desire to find a friend they can relax and bate with, but many have never experienced it for themselves. Reading the experiences of others isn’t just a thrill, it encourages other new arrivals to consider getting more involved and joining the fun. Your submission, the sharing of your great experiences with other masturbators just like you, could be the post that finally encourages a new reader to explore their male relationships in a new way. We encourage posts about your solo experiences, your new toys, your friendships with other bators, the time you went to a bator club, your thoughts on male sexuality and more. Click here to submit your post.

We have no annual membership fees, no demands are made of you, we don’t require you to jump through hoops to be involved here. We do hope you’ll consider taking the steps above to become a member of our community, though. That’s really all it takes to become a BuddyBate “member”.

Happy Batin’




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