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Lance Corporal Charlie gets a helping hand, and a self cum facial!

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Video title: Charlie Gets a Helping Hand from Logan

This isn’t the first time Lance Corporal Charlie has been on video at StraightOffBase but I think it’s fair to assume this is the visit he’s going to remember for a while. He came prepared, having spent the night partying with some of his buddies and some hot chicks at the beach house they’re renting. He somehow managed to hold back on getting it on with any of the girls, even though he would obviously had plenty of opportunity to. Turns out he wanted to make sure he had a good cum load to deliver for the cameras.

It’s safe to say his plan worked! He’s horny to get that cock rubbed and after showing off his big meat and getting to work with his slippery fist until Marine Logan arrives to lend a hand. You know what it’s like once a dude has experienced the fun of rubbing another guy’s cock, they really get into it and it seems the directors Marine neighbor Logan isn’t gonna turn down an opportunity to play with another guys dick.

With some good rubbing and some ball play he gets Charlie right to the edge, making his cock start spewing hot cream with such power he gives the guy a self cum facial! Some guys just naturally shoot their load like that and are used to hitting themselves with it. Some guys even aim for their mouth to get a taste of their own cream. It looks like it took Charlie by surprise, though.

That’s not so surprising. If you’ve jacked off a few guys and given them their first man/man hand job you know how intense it can be.

I think we all know Lance Corporal Charlie is going to be down for some more cock rubs with other guys after this 🙂

Run time: 21:00

Click for the video
Click for the video

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