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Marco is so turned on he shoots two cum loads in his debut

I’m always finding new buddies to bate with and it’s always interesting to me how horny new guys are when they get the chance to play with another cock. Last December I got together with a friend of a friend and introduced him to mutual wanking and within seconds of him touching my cock for the first time he was launching a shower of cum from his dick and making a massive mess. Of course, that got my cock firing off too. We had a little break and then got back into it, taking it slow and managing to last another half an hour, stroking each other and watching porn, before he shot off another big load and got me cumming with him.

Marco is solo in this one, but he’s one of those guys who gets so horny he can’t control his cock or cum load, but he’s got more to give without taking a break.

He’s showing off for the guys for the first time in this video, getting naked and playing with his hard uncut cock, sliding his foreskin back and forth and building up the pleasure quickly. Within minutes of starting his dick is spewing out a big splashing load of cum and making a mess all over the place. Most guys would probably need a little break after that, but not Marco.

He’s so horny he just carries on wanking his wet cock, jerking himself off and building up to another big load of cum!

The horny lad shoots off two cum loads in his very first video and I think he’s gonna be great to watch if he decides to come back and try sharing that dick with one of their other guys on the site.

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