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Married man Marty comes back for some head

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Video title: Blowing Marty

Source: SpunkWorthy

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I get the feeling that although he’s straight and married, Marty is the kind of man who would have a BuddyBate pin on display if he knew about our little project.

We saw him for the first time over on the SpunkWorthy site in January when he was looking to make some cash with a jack off video and ended up getting the cum wanked out of him by the director. Needless to say, he had a great time, and it wasn’t long before he was back for a massage.

He got some head from a dude for the first time in that video and it obviously agreed with him (duh) and after taking a month off he got back in touch to ask about a proper cock sucking session.

This is the result of that, a horny straight married man hard from the first second getting the kind of attention he’s never had before, a full-on stroke and suck from another guy. He really doesn’t hold back in this video, he’s having a great time riding the edge of that climax until his cock starts spewing cum up himself!

I think we’re gonna see him back again for more, he just seems to be one of those straight guys who just loves to get off and now he’s explored this side of things he’s gonna want more. Will we see him grabbing another cock for the first time? I think that’s the next step, right?

Run time: 13:09

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Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: SpunkWorthy

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