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MMF Swordfighting

Submitted by Anon in Washington

“I read the experience of someone else on here last week and mine was pretty similar. I was in college when I had my first MMF threesome and it was what started me on my road to mutual jack off fun with other dudes.

A good buddy hooked up with a girl on a night out at the bar and we all went back to his place and just got into it. It was the first threesome I ever had and although she was totally into it and one of the hottest chicks too the most memorable thing was me and my buddy rubbing our cocks together.

That’s what I first decided that I’m definitely bisexual.

She was sucking both our cocks and rubbing our helmets together. My cock instantly got rock solid and the precum started oozing out. I think my buddy was a bit weirded out by it at first but his dick was raging too and I knew he was getting off on it.

We both fucked her and she was sucking one of us while the other was in her pussy but all I could think about was both of us finishing in her face and both our cocks rubbing together. That’s exactly what happened too. It lasted a long time but near the end I was jacking off while she was waiting for my cum and my buddy was fucking her, then he pulled out and stood up jerking his cock. She grabbed both our dicks and started licking our helmets and rubbing them together and his cum started flying out.

That was it for me, my cock was erupting too and both our loads were squirting all over each others dicks and her face. We were both dripping cum from our cocks after that with each others load all over the place and she spent a while rubbing our soggy cocks together and licking our cum from them.

That was the first time my cock ever encountered another guys cock and it had me hooked on mutual masturbation and frott with guys. That wasn’t the first MMF swordfighting threesome I was involved in and it got me more and more into guys after the next couple of years.

These days I go on forums and meet up with couples who are curious about threesomes but I only do it with straight or bicurious couples. I might try a gay couple one day and share some cock fun with two guys but I think most are into doing more than just frott and jerking etc.”

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One thought on “MMF Swordfighting

  • March 14, 2017 at 4:47 am

    One of my biggest fantasies is me and my mate getting sucked and the chick rubbing our cocks together.
    My best mate has a fat and long dick. Seen it a few times. He doesnt know anything about my fantasy.


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