Muscle worship and jacking off with my buddy

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Submitted by AlphaBro

I started working out when I was 18 and got into Bodybuilding when I was in my 20s. I’m bisexual and my appreciation for the male form has always been a big influence in my dedication to the sport. I’m not a massive guy, not like some of the other men, but I enjoy it and the mutual appreciation is a big part of it.

There’s a lot of it going on. Guys are always comparing and checking out other guys. It’s never talked about but we all know almost everyone in the sport has that sexual appreciation for powerful physiques.

It’s just a kind of unsaid thing and I think most guys think it’s just them and that none of the other men in the sport think the same. Unless you’re like me and my buddy. We’ve been open about it from the start. We met through a mutual friend at the gym and we’ve been lifting together for about four years and almost all of that time we’ve been jacking off too. He’s married and I have a girlfriend but they both know we like to masturbate together. I think we’re very lucky in that regard. We like to think about having a fourgy or something but it’s just a fantasy and we don’t really want to do it because we know it would fuck things up with our respective partners.

We started because I was just honest with him and told him about my edging sessions after training and then we started sharing porn and one thing led to another and we were jacking off in my car while we were watching a video on my phone.

We did a lot of comparing before that and we saw each other naked with boners a couple times too but when we started being honest about jacking off we both fell into the habit of sharing it.

Those first few times were just in my car or watching each other in the showers but after that we started going back to his apartment and properly taking our time and oiling up.

Our routine is usually the same. We put porn on when we get to his place and then we get naked. We’re usually already hard and ready to go. He gets the oil out and we spend fifteen minutes rubbing each other and exploring our bodies, flexing for each other. We try not to focus on our cocks then because it could be over pretty quick if we do.



Then we put some towels down on the floor and sit next to each other and spend the next hour jacking off and stroking each other. He’s got a great dick and he gets so hard it points straight up against his abs. I love the feel of it in my hand. He’s constantly leaking pre the whole time too so we don’t need much oil or lube to keep things going. He’s a master at jacking me too. He plays with my tip and tugs on my balls because he knows I really like that.

We’ll edge for a while and get each other close and then we kneel and rub our cocks together and that’s usually what makes us both cum. We cum

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together almost all the time. As soon as one cock splashes out over the other we’re both splashing it all over the place. It can get pretty messy! lol

Sometimes we have a bit of a wrestle on the floor but because of the oil it can get a bit dangerous (wooden floors! lol) After we’ve cum we have a shower and clean each other off and sometimes that can get us hard again. Sometimes we go for a second jack off but we’re usually pretty spent and it can take a long time to make each other cum a second time.

I wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world. When I started out I never thought I would have this kind of buddy but it’s been awesome.

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3 years ago

Sounds like an awesome friendship.. Thanks for sharing and glad u found a bud like that

3 years ago

Thanks AlphaBro, I recon you and your buddy have a perfect friendship. If only we could all be that lucky.

Lee Stoddard
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing your story about your close special bond between you both.
I wish everyone could have a friend like that. This world be such a better place.
Please, if you have any more stories about the two of you don’t hesitate to share.
That one had me hard and throbbing the whole time. I would have responded sooner, but I had to clean a hot wet mess first. Lol.

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