Music City Jacks in Nashville joins the INTERNATIONAL RETURN OF THE BATE party!

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After working our way across Canada and inviting several venues in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal to join in with the INTERNATIONAL RETURN OF THE BATE party, we can now confirm that Music City Jacks in Nashville, Tennessee, has confirmed their intention to hold an event when the time is right.

We’ve long supported the events held by Music City Jacks and we’re sure that men from the local area have arrived there to join in the festivities thanks to their listing on our events calendar, so we couldn’t be happier to have this great group of guys joining in the the fun with us for this special event.

To read more about the RETURN OF THE BATE party being held at adult locations all around the world, please click here and read the full post.

NOTE: While venues are adhering to local guidance and cities may return to various states of normality at different times, we will be endeavoring to select a span of one week, at a time after World Health Organization guidelines indicate large events can once again take place, in which participating venues will host this party. Individual venues may open and hold other events prior to any announced Return Of The Bate parties.Of course, we cannot predict when this will be.

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