My Bator Life – Bating With A Cut Flatmate

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Submitted by Alfie8

Hi guys me again. I’ve shared my first two experiences of wanking with other guys but I have more and it’s been fun writing them down and remembering all these great experiences. I hope you guys have been enjoying it.

I was still wanking with the guy I met working in security when I found my next mate to wank dicks with.

I was just starting a new job and I was trying to move closer to work so I started checking out ads for houseshares and flatmates. I wasn’t having much luck finding anything closer to my new job but then a friend of another friend said his flatmate was moving out so I could have his room.

I didn’t know Chris at all but I went to meet up with him and have a few beers and we got along great. I was 26 at the time and he was about 30. I moved in there the next week when his other mate moved out.

Things were really going great. I had a new job, a new place to live, things were going great with a new girlfriend, I had a proper wank mate I was sharing great bator sessions with. Then things got even better when my new roommate started walking around with his cock out.

We didn’t even talk about it. He was just one of those guys who didn’t give a fuck about that kind of thing. I guess most of my mates were pretty relaxed about that kind of stuff back then so it wasn’t so much of a surprise to see him naked. It was just the normal stuff like taking a shower with the door open. In the mornings he would go for a piss and he slept naked so he just didn’t think about it.

I was always up first for work so there were a lot of times when I was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast and Chris would just walk in with his cock swinging around.

He had a great cock. He was well hung and circumcised. It was the first cut cock I’d ever seen in real life so I suppose that got my attention, along with the size of it. When he wasn’t hard he was about 6 inches, but some mornings he would have a semi an it would be more like 7. It was pretty thick too.

We just got used to things like sharing the bathroom. It was normal to go for a piss while the other was in the shower. That’s how I caught him wanking the first time. His cock was big and stiff and he was just going to town on it when I walked in for a piss. We just laughed about it.

That broke the ice and we stated talking about sex and porn and wanking.

We never even talked about our dicks before that but now we were properly into it and sharing all kinds of details about our sex lives. I told him about wanking with lads before and he said he’d caught his flatmate wanking once and the guy was a pussy about it. He’d never properly wanked off with a mate but I told him I thought it was pretty normal for a couple of guys to watch porn and enjoy a good wank.

So that’s how it all started with him. That night we were watching porn together for the first time, sharing what we were into and sitting on the sofa with our cocks in our hands just having a fucking great time rubbing up some cum loads.

We lasted about an hour and then I got a towel and we both just jizzed all over it on the coffee table lol

It was great seeing him using his cock like that. He had some good lube and I never really used lube much before that. I guess he needed it more being cut but it was how I discovered how good lube could be for a wank.

He was pretty interested in my cock too. We compared and talked about our dicks and balls and all that stuff and being uncut I think he was mostly just interested in how my foreskin felt. At the time I never even thought that he might want to wank me off but I knew I did think about what it would feel like to wank him. I think we probably could have swapped cocks and wanked each other if one of us had said something but we never did.

He could really shoot a lot of cum too. His cum was thicker and pumped out in big wads while mine was more like a watery sprinkler.

We did a lot of wanking while I was living there. I was probably there for about 18 months before I moved in with my girlfriend and it was a really hard decision to make because we were having so much fun wanking off all the time I knew I would miss it.

I was still wanking off with my other mate too. I don’t know why I never introduced them or arranged a porn night with both of them it would have been so good to have a wank party but it just never crossed my mind. They were just two separate friends I could have a good time sharing wanks with and it never entered my head that we could have a threesome wank lol

We did carry on wanking together for a few months after I moved out but then he got a new roommate and that guy was a bit weird. We didn’t have the same kind of freedom to wank off together like we used to and I couldn’t invite him over for wanks so it just kind of stopped. I’m still Facebook friends with him and I think about asking him if he wants to meet up again for a porn night but I still haven’t.

So that’s my third wank mate, I have a few more experiences for you horny baters if you want them. The next guy I met was the first one I actually swapped cocks with so if you want to read about that one let me know.

I’m gonna send it in anyway lol

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