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My weekly cum edging sessions

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Submitted by James in Northampton UK

I need to thank you. I found this website a year ago and just out of curiosity I started looking around and reading some of the other experiences. I’ve discovered a lot about myself that I probably wouldn’t have.

I’m 34, married, and I’m constantly horny. When I was in my early 20’s I was getting laid a lot and wanking all the time too. Had some experiences with other guys, mostly just threesomes, a couple of times I wanked with a mate watching porn but it was all solo and I never even thought about mutual wanking or anything like that.

When I got married my sex life changed a lot and I was looking for more outlets for my energy. I started playing football and joined a team. I joined a gym and started going three times a week. I even got into martial arts for a year before I broke an arm and had to take a few months off. I didn’t get back into it after that. I thought doing all this would be a good way to use up my excess energy and maybe I’d stop being horny all the time, but it didn’t really work out that way.

As a few guys here have pointed out, working out and being that active actually makes a lot of guys even hornier. That’s pretty much what I found out on my own. I was wanking a few times a day. I would wank in the shower in the morning, go to the gym and work out for an hour or two then have another wank in the showers. Then I’d get home or go to work and I’d be rubbing one out again in the middle of the afternoon…

Then I found this site and read about cum edging. I tried it a couple of times and it was great. Before that all my wanks had been over in ten minutes, maybe twenty max.

I remember the first time I properly managed to last and it took an hour. When I finally let myself cum I shot a giant load and hit myself in the face. It felt incredible. I don’t think I’d had a climax like that since I first discovered wanking.
I started reading more about cum edging and decided to abstain for a couple of days. It was really hard to do. At the time I was probably wanking four times a day and stopping myself from stroking it was one of the toughest things I ever did. But, I do like a challenge.

I managed a couple of days without wanking and found some time to myself to properly edge and I had an even more incredible climax. After an hour and a half of stroking I wasn’t even touching my cock when I started firing off a massive load.

Since then I’ve been enjoying fewer wanks but they’re more intense than ever. I’m down to about three times a week now with a long cum edging wank on Sundays. I treat it as my reward for holding back. It’s still not easy and I think I’m probably hard 70% of the time, but knowing it’s going to feel more incredible if I save it makes it worthwhile. I never had great willpower but that’s changed since I discovered edging.

I started using sleeves for wanking too. I’d never really been interested in that before but now I have a box of wanking toys in my man cave that the Mrs doesn’t know about.

My next step is to find someone to share my wanking with. I’m nervous about that and really I never thought I would ever be interested in getting my cock out with any other guy, but things have changed and if I had a mate who enjoyed stroking and watching porn I would be so down for that. After reading some of the mutual bating experiences here I really want to give that a try and at least see what it feels like to make another cock cum.

Thanks for the site, without you guys I might still be having rubbish wanks a few times a day instead of amazing cum edging sessions like I do now.

Thanks for the kind words James! I’m glad you found us and that we could be of assistance. That’s what this site is all about, sharing experiences and learning new things, enjoying our bating whether we’re flying solo or sharing it with a friend.

You’re certainly not alone in your endeavors to find a buddy. While we have a lot of readers who are already stroking with other guys and enjoying their mutual experiences, there are probably far more here who think about it and want to experience it, but haven’t had the opportunity, or are confused by their desire to enjoy some friendly wanking with another guy. You seem to have the right attitude about it and I have no doubt that if you keep looking around out there you’ll find the right opportunity to try it out.

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Thanks again for writing, please keep us updated and let us know when you enjoy that first experience with a friend, it would be great to know how that goes and what you thought of it.


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6 years ago

Thanks James, enjoyed hearing about your new experiences. Let us know your updates. and especially when you find your wank buddy!

6 years ago

Great story man! Edging is the best way to wank! Good luck finding a wank buddy!

5 years ago

Thanks for the post James. Glad you discovered edging; it really is the best way of wanking. The stopping and enjoying being on the verge of cumming is amazing. Sometimes it happens that you have a ‘hands free’ ejaculation which is the ultimate. Enjoyed reading your experiences and now need to have a little edging myself.

5 years ago

James’ story is really great and I cannot believe the idea of Edging has taken so long to ‘Catch on’ or become better known. I did something called, ESO (or Extended Sexual Orgasm) a couple of decades ago but, discovered it purely by accident while driving cross-country in the U.S. state of New Mexico.

Since it was nighttime and nobody could see into my vehicle, I had my pants off and was masturbating, or ‘edging’ in order to heighten my senses and stay awake on the road. The drive was fine and the road was not crowded with traffic, so I carried on doing my thing with my thing for about 45 minutes (at least). Anyway, it began to feel better, and better, and better to simply stroke slowly, get a rise going in my brain, feel that light tingling sensation in my spine signaling the possibility of an orgasm approaching and then willing myself to stop stroking! Hold off. Take a breather and let the pleasurable sensation subside; gradually. Phew, phew, photo. Ahhh, no worries and no messy situation to clean up!

However, guys know sometimes this only works for so long, so many cycles of near-peaks and shallow valleys between those peaks before (sometimes) the urge to go ‘over the edge’ wins out! Guys, you know what I mean now! Well, THAT happened for me during the night drive across the desert and in hindsight, it would TRULY have been safer if someone else had been driving and I was a stroking passenger next to them! Because when my orgasm ‘Hit’ it was a doozey! No lie! ~ A first of it’s kind for me and definitely why the French refer to a great orgasm as, ‘the little death’! Wow, oh, wow! ~ My vision darkened, my heart skipped a beat or three, and then I saw ‘stars’ in my eyes as if I had been punched in a fight only without any of the accompanying fist-fight pain. This was a new, very surprising for a 25 year old guy! No kidding! Luckily I was on a straight section of highway with my other hand on the steering wheel and my car had good front-end alignment so it tended to travel straight on the road better than some I have since owned.

My driving was actually impaired for only 5 or 7 seconds I would guess but, the strength of the orgasm ACTUALLY, literally shocked me! Astounding! And so I am sharing this with you all as a cautionary tale of the ‘mixing’ of edging session and being the driver in control of a motor vehicle in motion; NOT recommended! This instance was a ‘sexual education’ event in my life and taught me, honestly, about the true power of orgasms or self-gratification and I never risked going over the edge again while in a car. Pants off stroking at night, sure, lots. Staying alert and awake while driving, yes! I have even stroked it with pants completely off while my wife was driving the car and seated beside me; which I might call the true definition of loving spousal support! It is tremendously thoughtful and rather ‘Hot’ to have a trusting partner look out for me while I do ‘my thing’ without any criticism, complaining or discouragement – just simply watching and being a partner in the moment! ~ Guys, it doesn’t last forever and may eventually turn into, ‘Honey, could you go do THAT in another room?’ so, you know, enjoy having support or giving support to another while you can and always, always keep safety in mind!

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