Naked Straight Boys Wrestling And Jacking!
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Naked Straight Boys Wrestling And Jacking!

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Video title: Ondrej vs Bobby WRESTLING

Source: WilliamHiggins

I swear, if I’d been a young man in America I would have been SO INTO wrestling. It’s the horniest sport for young guys like these. I feel like every grapple on the mat should end with cocks rubbed and cum splashing.

Thankfully that’s exactly how it ends for these naked straight boys wrestling and stroking!

Teen boy Ondrej Seno and young muscle hunk Bobby Orel are both into girls, but since they appeared in their solo jack off sessions they’ve experienced a lot of horny new things with other guys.

You know how it goes, when a boned-up straight boy gets to play with another cock for the first time most realize how much fun it is.

These boys definitely know.

They’re competing for the audience in this session, starting out in their bulging briefs but soon naked with their intact cocks flopping and slapping around. With a few grabs and grasps those penises are swelling up and the two are getting real into it.

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Muscle lad Bobby seems especially excited, but then wouldn’t you be if you were writhing around on a mat with Ondrej, your bare cocks sliding around together, your hands exploring and grabbing dick, your balls bumping and swinging?

I won’t tell you who won, because they both did really.

After a good long session watching these naked straight boys wrestling it’s time for the relaxing finish.

Their wet cocks are soon solid in their hands and the two agree to swap, grabbing each other by their slippery meat and wanking each other off. Young Ondrej is the first to start gushing his semen out between his legs while his new buddy watches his cum fly.

The sight of that soon has Bobby gushing out his own hot load of muscle splooge!

The fun isn’t quite over. We follow the boys to the shower where they clean up, just like all other wrestler boys.

I love the wrestle series. They have so many naked straight boys wrestling and jacking each other on the site you could be there for days rubbing along to the show. Click here to start playing the videos!

Now I’m gonna go and imagine what my life would have been like as a college wrestler in the US 🙂

Run time: 28:45

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: WilliamHiggins

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2 months ago

I wrestled briefly in college in the 80s. There was a LOT of jacking off going on and some sucking. No one really talked about it but you all knew someone who wanted to give you a hand job or a suck. I had a few hand jobs from other guys but never returned the favor. Wish i had because now I’m all about jacking it with guys.

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