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Neighbor Bators – Skittles Joust – Part 3

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Excerpt from Neighbor Bators – Skittles Joust – Part 3

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“No hands?” Connor asked, his slightly curved dick pointing upward while he fondled the heavy reddish pink balls below.

“Hands behind ya back” Trevor confirmed, stepping toward Alfie apparently already having picked his opponent.

The rest of us watched as Alfie balanced a red Skittle on the head of his dick, right over the tiny lips of his cum hole. His cock was too hard to put it anywhere else, his penis pointing almost perfectly diagonally upward from where his large plump balls hung. It looked precarious and as Trevor lined up to take his first swipe, his long dick balancing the Skittle on his own tip, he swung in almost slow motion until his dick swiped through the air just millimeters away from the swollen thick member in front of him.

He swung back to line up for another shot.

“Hey, no!” Alfie interrupted, reaching out with his left hand to grab the long dick preparing to swing at him again, knocking the Skittle off. “One shot each, you missed and it’s my turn” he insisted, releasing Trevor’s dick after a moment of angrily holding the hard pink weapon in place.

The rules hadn’t been established but I knew it wouldn’t matter much when, or if, they were. It was mostly just lads being lads and the games were just an excuse.

With a new green Skittle balanced on the top of Trevor’s nob Alfie prepared to take his shot, his cock bulging and rigid as he tried to swing his hips with enough force for his dick to slap up against the one pointing at him. Instead the momentum seemed to fail, his meaty baton merely sliding along the edge of Trevor’s cock to make it ping back. Neither lost their Skittle and we started to wonder if this contest might be trickier than first imagined.




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