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You asked, and we delivered!

A while back we were looking for new items to add to our BuddyBate range and a few of our readers suggested magnets. We got a sample from our suppliers and a few of you will have had free hard magnets delivered in your order (lucky you!)

Ultimately we decided the 52mm flexible magnets were best, as these could, if you feel like it, be added to a vehicle or bike to display your involvement in the BuddyBate community.

Other suggested locations include the kitchen fridge, the mini fridge in your man cave (many of you have a jack off den, we know! lol) or even on your locker at work.

It’s a great little addition to the merch range and we’re sure you’ll all find great places to display them.

The way we see it, the more opportunities you have to show off the logo, from a sticker on your mail box to a window cling in your car or a pin on your ball cap, the more chances you have that another guy will notice it and get the fun started.

If you have any other ideas for merch you’d like to see the discreet logo on let us know in the comments.

We’re currently working on baseball caps, t-shirts, tank tops and towels, so let us know in the comments if any of those pique your interest!

Click here to get your flexible magnets, bear in mind this is a limited run to assess popularity so if you really want yours you should hurry 🙂

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