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NEW! BuddyBate Mugs In 3 Designs

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In our constant quest to find new and interesting items our community might enjoy we’re expanding the merch collection today with three new and exclusive BuddyBate mugs!

A while ago we asked a group of our regular readers what kind of merch they would love to see available, and although we hadn’t thought of it coffee mugs were on the menu.

Well, thanks to our new supplier of all things fun, practical and interesting we’re now able to offer three great BuddyBate exclusive mugs for you to enjoy at home, with three different logos.

BuddyBate Community

First we have the BuddyBate community design.

You’ve seen this on a great T-Shirt and it’s been popular with the community members who want to show their community spirit.

This design incorporates a repeating circular BuddyBate logo to represent all the various small and large groups of bators all around the world, coming together in their shared enjoyment.

This is quite a bold decorative print but it’s a great way to advertise your membership of the global community in the right setting. Guys familiar with the community will no doubt recognize this logo.

BuddyBate Bold

The BuddyBate Bold design is very simple, it’s just the circular aspect of our website logo front and center, proudly displaying your membership of the community and your appreciation of sharing the bate with your buddies.

For those who know about the BuddyBate community and have visited the website a few times there will be no confusion over what you’re into.

It’s a great way to advertise your interests, perhaps when you have a neighbor over for coffee or you have a buddy staying for a few days.

BuddyBate Bro

Finally we have the newest iteration, the BuddyBate “Bro” mug.

This fun interpretation of the circular logo forms the “O” of the design, a kind of invitation to those who might see it, while being just subtle enough to be explained away any time you like.

If you’re a Bator Bro (and I think we all area!) this is a must-have for your collection, showing those who might be visiting for coffee that you’re always open to finding new “bros” to share some good bator times with.

All three mugs a ceramic and durable, with a blue interior color.

Worldwide shipping is available at BlokeToys, click here to get yours today!

Stick around for more great items for the community, including clothing, gym gear and more!




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