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New VULCAN masturbators at BlokeToys

One of our favorite online retailers has just added some great new stroking toys that we had to share with you guys on the blog.

The VULCAN range from Top Co is a great collection, starting out on the site with a selection of strokers that you can enjoy solo, or possibly share with a wank mate.

We’re always looking for great men’s toys that a couple of guys can use together, and it seems as though these new products would make a good addition to your collection.

While they can be enjoyed solo as they are, the cup design of the new VULCAN allows you to remove the sleeve from the inside of the case, for easy cleaning and use as a more flexible stroker. As the inner sleeve is open-ended, this also gives you guys the chance to share them with a friend, each sliding into the sleeve from the other end and frotting your cocks together inside.

Enjoying a good toy together is a great way to get a “no-touching buddy” to consider a little cock-on-cock frotting, and these toys are an excellent option to help you make that happen.

Check them out on the site when you get the chance.

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