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One of my mates is a BuddyBater!

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Submitted by AlexG

Long time reader but never done anything with another bator up until last week. Been reading the blog for a few years but just liked the idea of it and thought it would be fun to have a mate to wank to porn with. I guess the pandemic kicked me up the arse and got me thinking about it more so I got a BuddyBate pin and some stickers. Didn’t even know if I would use them but I think the last year really got me thinking about how much time I’m wasting thinking about doing things and chickening out.

I’m 29 and single so it’s not like I have any reason not to do it, other than being a pussy about it.

So I got my pin and stickers last June didn’t think much about it after that. I thought even if I don’t show them off and look around I’ll at least know what they look like so if I see another guy with the logo I can decide in the moment. I thought it might just convince me into action.

Fast forward ten months to May and a few of my buddies from the pub decide they’re gonna have a bit of a party now that things have relaxed. It was my ex-girlfriend’s brother hosting this small party in his garden, enough space for us to just sit around and have a few beers, catching up on stuff.

It was great meeting up with all the guys after such a long time but the best part about it was one of my mates had a fucking BuddyBate pin on his jacket!

I’ll call him Tony but he knows who he is. He’s probably reading this because I know he checks the site a lot.

We only hung out a few times since we met through a mutual friend but it was one of those situations where you swap numbers and make plans but then things get in the way. I didn’t even think about him when I was wondering who in my group of mates would be most likely to be cool with watching porn and wanking one out but it makes sense he would. A couple of years ago before I even found this site or started thinking about wanks with other guys I went to a festival with a couple of my mates and Tony was there with his girlfriend. They moved their tent into our group and we all hung out for the weekend. Tony got his cock out and showed it off a few times. It was just drunk banter and he wasn’t the only one so I didn’t really think about it much. He even had a semi one morning and flashed it while he was taking a piss.

After four beers I was chilled out enough so when he went to the kitchen to get some more cans I made my excuses to go for a piss and stopped to tell him that I recognized the badge. I just said “I’ve got one of those too”.

I know this is their intended use but I was surprised it was that easy. I didn’t really think I would see the logo anywhere, and if I did I thought it would be some random guy down the pub or someone at work. I’m glad it was someone I already kind of know.

He was so fucking happy about it. He said we should go somewhere after the party. I was still nervous about it all but I was excited too.

After the party we went for a walk and talked about what porn we’re into and how much we wank. We’re both the same, daily wankers, and we like the same MMF porn, orgies, blow bangs, trans porn and that kind of thing. We shared stories of wanking at work or risky fucks with girlfriends behind the pub and that kind of thing. By the time we got to his house we were showing each other videos on our phones and my cock was hard.

We didn’t go inside because his girlfriend was sleeping after a night shift so we stood outside by his car and then he just got his cock out of his shorts. I followed. We were watching an orgy on his phone and just wanking off outside. After a minute we started paying more attention to our cocks than the porn and compared dicks. We’re both about the same. Around seven inches, his cock bends to the left and mine to the right.

Even though I was so nervous about it I was so fucking horny I knew I wouldn’t last long but we were both the same with that too and after a few minutes of wanking and watching our dicks being rubbed we started cumming. I think I started first but it was so quick it’s hard to tell. We were both pumping it out at the same time and just spurting our wads over the ground.

We shot some good splashes and then just had a laugh about the mess we made. It was one of the most fun wanks I’ve ever had. I never really thought of wanking being fun and social like that but it turns out when you’re wanking with a mate it really is. We put our cocks away and I started my walk home and that was that.

Since then we’ve been sharing porn and sending each other links and we’re meeting up in a couple of days for another wank. He’s already said he’s been looking for a regular wank mate for a while. He used to wank with a mate years ago but didn’t think anyone he knew now would be into it. He said he was one of the first to get the badges and stickers a few years ago and didn’t think he would find another local mate to wank with and he’d forgotten he had the pin on his jacket because he mostly just wore it at the pub or work.

Now I’ve got the first buddy wank done I’m kicking myself for not getting into it sooner. When you’re both on the same page and you just love a good wank and you aren’t shy about it it’s a lot of fun and becomes easy really quickly. I’m not nervous about meeting up again after that, I’m just really looking forward to it and hoping we can make it last longer. After that first time I know we can just meet up and have some fun with our dicks in our hands 🙂

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2 years ago

Can’t wait to get out there and show off my buddybate pin and start finding new mates to wank with. Please let us know how it goes with your mate in the future!

2 years ago
Reply to  Otter

I too can’t wait for my 1st experience stroking myself with another panties wearing male.


2 years ago

I am looking for my 1st baring buddy and I am very interested in exploring stroking myself in panties with other stroking buddies. I really enjoy your story

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