Pittsburgh’s premier bate club DaBurghJacks set to celebrate 8-year Anniversary next month!

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In the Butler, Pennsylvania area on March 21st?

Even if you’re not, you might feel the urge to travel when you discover that potentially 25 (or more) fellow bators will be meeting to enjoy each other’s company at the 8-year anniversary celebration of DaBurghJacks.

After moving to Pittsburgh in 2010 club founder Darren soon discovered that the masturbation clubs he enjoyed in Buffalo and Rochester NY didn’t exist in his new home city, or at least no formal clubs could be found. It was a perfect opportunity to start a fresh group of like-minded men.

It didn’t take long to find them with the help of online communities. Darren knew that in any population there’s going to be a good group of guys down to share their masturbation with each other in a safe and relaxed environment and he was soon founding the DaBurghJacks group with the registration of their formal website.

In the 8 years since the official creation of the group events have been held regularly, currently as often as twice a month.

Today the club has 12-15 regular members meeting for each event, with new faces arriving occasionally. Anniversary parties such as the one coming up on March 21st can attract approximately 25 fellow bators each time. Though, with your help that number could rise considerably.

What should you expect if you attend this event?

The environment is relaxed and friendly, with a great group of men who all have their love of the bate in common. Porn is provided via several screens, including one 65″. The lighting is subtle, providing a comfortable environment for men to be free with each other and enjoy their erections in solo jacking, mutual hand jobs, circle jerks and frottage. Members relax after with conversation before each gradually parts the venue happy and contented, and no doubt ready for the next party.

Thinking of attending this event? Click to visit the BaDurghJacks website and sign up to their newsletter for more information.

Wondering if there’s a bate club in your area? Click here to visit the clubs page. Who knows, you could be starting your own soon enough.

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One thought on “Pittsburgh’s premier bate club DaBurghJacks set to celebrate 8-year Anniversary next month!

  • March 1, 2020 at 9:10 pm

    Would love to get to a club like that. Wish there was one in Birmingham.


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