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Quite often a personal post for a specific area blows up and gains a lot of attention and/or comments. We see it happen regularly and we want to try to encourage guys to meet up in person.

This post is intended to help you plan a local meet where you can perhaps socialize with other men and get to know each other.

Anyone can get the ball rolling for a location.

Pick a Location.

A coffee place, a bar, a beach, an adult theater or a bathhouse will do. Bear in mind that paid entry and sexual venues like bathhouses will reduce the number of local men willing to attend.

Any venue is fine. You’re not going there to get naked and have a party. You’re just going as a local social group to meet other men interested in the same things. This is really no different to a bunch of sports fans meeting at a bar before a game.

Pick a Date/Time

We would recommend choosing a time that isn’t so busy. If ten of you are showing up on a Friday night when the bar is packed it’s not going to work out as well as it would if you arranged this event for a Wednesday evening.

Consider when most men might be free. A woodland meet-up at 1am on a Thursday morning might seem great to you but the majority of men won’t be attending.

Let Other Guys Know

Once you’ve picked a venue and date, let other guys in the community know. You can reply to personal posts for your area and this will alert local men to the prospect of meeting other local guys. Many readers subscribe to posts, so when you add a comment it alerts them to it. You have a direct way to let other local men know about your event.

We are always ready to help local guys find each other and start a community. We are more than happy to pin your comments promoting these events, we’ll even write a post for the blog advertising your local meet-up.

Wear Your BuddyBate T-Shirt etc.

You have the means to find each other. Slip on that BuddyBate t-shirt or beanie, affix that BuddyBate lapel pin or button badge to your jacket, slap that BuddyBate sticker on the back of your phone. This will allow other guys attending to know you’re a part of the group and you can strike up a conversation. Click here to get yours and be ready to meet new local bators.

Be Patient

Plan ahead. At time of writing it’s mid December, so maybe if you planned an event for the end of January enough men would have seen the post to make it worthwhile. Even if only one other guy arrives, at least you’ve found another local bator and you’ve got things started. If you then both return to hang out again a month later, you might have another 2 or 3 join you.




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