The Planet Blue Sucking Masturbator: I Tried It, You NEED One!
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The Planet Blue Sucking Masturbator: I Tried It, You NEED One!

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My quest to find the best sex toys to maximize your bate is never ending, but trying out the Planet Blue Sucking Masturbator reminded me that it’s a part of my job I really love 🙂

Yes, consider me a martyr! Feel for me while I endure the torment of sliding my well-lubed cock in and out of so many fleshy, stretchy, sucking, vibrating, tantalizing masturbators! lol

The Planet Blue from Pretty Love appeared at my door yesterday and it was a complete surprise. You see, BlokeToys does this now and then. If they see a toy that they think we’re gonna love they’ll send one my way for me to check out.

This one gets a stellar review from me.

I’m not the only one who enjoyed it. The tag line on the cup says: “Expertly designed and tested by 55 users to bring orgasmic experiences”.

Now, if you’re like me, you might be wondering why such a specific number. I’ve thought about it and the only conclusion I can reach is that they have 55 men working for their company and they all had a big group wank off with these toys to see how good the design is.

That’s my version and I’m sticking with it 🙂

And now I want a job at a sex toy company.

How does it work

If you’ve ever seen the Air-Tech toys from Tenga you know what’s possible with some good design. Those great sucking masturbators manage air flow in a very specific way to deliver a slurping sensation within the toy, no batteries needed.

The Planet Blue sucking masturbator is similar in that respect.

Entering the toy forces air out around the TPR (rubber) golf ball thing in the end of it, creating a sucking sensation when you slide back out. It’s a simple concept, creating a vacuum within the sleeve, but it works.

It kind of reminds me of those drinks bottles you see in Japan. You know the ones, right? They have a little marble in the neck of the bottle that you have to push through to open it, and then it closes off if you turn the bottle.

Even if you’ve never tried an Air-Tech (I would recommend it) most closed masturbators have that element of vacuum within them when you slide inside and force the air out. We’re probably all familiar with it and we all know how amazing it feels.

Why it’s better than others

So now I’ve mentioned the Air-Tech toys numerous times you might be wondering why this one is better.

Well, first it’s as much as 60% cheaper than the Air-Tech masturbators.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re totally worth it. I’m still regularly pumping loads into mine and I got my first one of those about 5 years ago. Spread that cost out over how many times I’ve enjoyed them and it’s a bargain.

But this sucking masturbator is far more affordable, and I like a good deal.

In my own experience Planet Blue is also stronger and more pleasurable. I know it’s going to be subjective, but my dick enjoys this toy more than the Air-Tech, and my dick already really likes those.

You also have the added bonus of this one being clear, so you can see what’s happening inside the sleeve. Most men are visually motivated, so seeing a dick sliding inside a toy like this is definitely a bonus. If you share your toys with bate buddies and enjoy good long sessions of porn watching and stroking with bros, the visual aspect of this toy is going to add a lot to it.

You can take it all apart for cleaning, which is a necessity. You can do that with the Air-Tech toys but this one just feels more user friendly.

The plastic case is sturdy without being clunky. You won’t break it within a couple of uses but it’s not cumbersome. You can use it without the plastic case, too.

A plastic cap protects the opening from dust and debris, which I think is another necessity for almost all masturbators regardless of where you’re storing them. You don’t want the dust bunnies under your bed infiltrating this silicone sleeve.

The inner texture also feels amazing on your manhood. Even without the added vacuum the pleasure from the texture inside the sleeve will be enough to have you pumping a fat load into it.

The dimensions are also perfect.

While I don’t have any need to really hide my toys from anyone I could easily hide this sucking masturbator in the garage, study, shed or anywhere else. At 7 inches long from opening to tip it’s big enough to please most cocks while being small enough to stick on top of a cupboard or under a shelf.

Why You Need One

We’re all here to enjoy our masturbation. Whether you’re appreciating your cock solo or sharing it with a buddy we’re all about making the most of it. Toys are a great way to experience as much pleasure as possible, and to explore new sensations.

This sucking masturbator delivers that.

The sleeve is perfect. When you slide your slippery meat past that fleshy round opening you’re easing into a tunnel decorated with ridges, dips, nubs and chambers that will deliver excellent sensation from your tip down your shaft.

The vacuum created inside the toy then adds a whole new level of pleasure to your stroking. Put your finger over the little hole in the end and you’ll feel even more resistance while you masturbate.

I’ve mentioned the price already, but it needs to be highlighted again. It’s really affordable for something that you’re potentially going to get countless amazing bate sessions out of.

It’s easy to clean and maintain for years of enjoyment.

If you take this with you to a bate meet with another dude they’re gonna want to stick their cock in it too. We all like being that guy who introduces a bate bud to a new toy, right?

Ultimately, you don’t NEED one, but you probably WANT one.

Get yours by clicking here, with free international shipping.

Don’t forget to come back once you’ve tried it for yourself and let me know how it was for you!

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27 days ago

Sounds like a good hole to stick it into BUT 7″ end to end isn’t massive- I’m not boasting here, 6.5″, but I’ve stroked a lot of big beasts and some guy’s would struggle- also does the golf ball valve sit above your dick or is it off to one side? If it’s above then the artificial pussy bit can’t be more than 5″ long, so I wouldn’t be able to go “Balls deep”, let alone anyone who is more hung than me. I guess Fleshlights are a bit old school now but one thing I appreciate about mine is being able to get my whole tool in and thrust really deep when I cum.

17 days ago

I have a tenga cup that i love shooting my loads into might have to get one of these and try it.

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