Pumping A Straight Cum Load With Bator Thomas Waters
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Pumping A Straight Cum Load With Bator Thomas Waters

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Video title: Young Straight & Naughty Lad Shows off his Muscles & Wanks his Huge Uncut Cock & Cums!

Source: EnglishLads

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We have another new bator to watch and follow in Thomas Waters, and he has a nice and messy straight cum load to splash in his debut video.

EnglishLads has been delivering a lot of solo guys lately, and the director has been having some fun giving out friendly rubs now and then.

I have to admit I’m kind of disappointed that it’s been so long since we last saw a couple of their guys rubbing dicks and frotting together. I’m not sure what’s going on there but I’m hoping they surprise us with a big circle jerk at some point.

They have so many new dudes who seem to be down for that kind of thing.

I think Thomas might be one of them.


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This 23 year old is really relaxed and happy to get his 7.5″ intact cock out for a nice wank.

Once again, I think it’s because he’s always been into sports. Rugby was his main thing. You know what it’s like for dudes like him, they get used to being naked with the lads and enjoying the banter in the showers.

There’s not a shy bone in his body. He spends the whole video happily showing off and playing with his long penis.

In fact, Thomas admits that he’s been curious in the past and tried some blow job fun with a guy. He says it wasn’t for him. He is very into wanking though, he makes videos of himself and likes to watch them.

I think he’s the kind of guy who would easily have a good wank with his mates if they were watching porn together. He says he’s been in a few gang bangs with his buddies so he’s cool about seeing cocks and letting other guys enjoy looking at his.

After wanking off, shooting that straight cum load and playing with his soggy dick and semen, he’s suggesting he might be back for a hand job. I’m looking forward to that!

I do think it would be awesome to see him stroking with a dude or two. I really think he would be totally cool with that.

Check out some pics and click here for his video!

Run time: 39:47

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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