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Really Want To Jack It With Some Gym Buddies

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Submitted by Jerome

Had one jacking buddy years ago but been desperate for another buddy to share the bate with.

There are a few dudes at the gym I sometimes thing will be down for it but I don’t know what to do or say. They’re the guys who show it off and they’re usually thick and heavy if they’re not fully rock hard and being careful about showing it too much.

I always get super hard after a workout and I usually jack it in the showers. I’ve seen a couple of other dudes there doing the same but trying to hide it. It’s not the kind of gym where that kind of thing would be okay so the most you see is a dude with his dick swinging and sometimes a full on boner waving around.

Guys like to show off I guess but there’s not a lot else happening.

Even if I jack off in the shower I usually need to jack it again on the way home and there are some places I pull up and get my cock out for a bate on the way home.

I really want that gym bro bate buddy some other guys have written about. It would be so fucking cool to have that bro to workout with and then go and stroke our cocks and get those loads out.

Hey Jerome

Some gyms are more open than others when it comes to this kind of thing, usually the smaller gyms don’t give a shit if guys are showing off or enjoying some cruising action in the showers.

And I need to say that just because you see a guy hard doesn’t mean he’s a bator looking for a buddy. Some guys just get stiff without it meaning much more than they had a horny thought. You probably know that already though. I just mean don’t let the sight of a hard cock in the locker room convince you that you can wave your own at them and expect a mutual hand job 🙂

If you’re really looking for that kind of environment I would suggest checking out a smaller independent gym and seeing what the mood is like there. There are also men only bathhouses/spas that have gyms these days and they’re mainly about cruising, so if you’re brave enough you could try one of those if there’s one local to you.

Of course I would be failing in my duties if I didn’t also suggest using the BuddyBate merch to show off your interest. Guys put the stickers on their water bottle or shower gel to subtly advertise their interest in finding bate buddies at the gym, so maybe check the map here and see what things are like in your area?

Also, there are a lot of guys who drop personal posts who also workout. Maybe look for the bate buddy first and the gym buddy aspect will come from that?

Whatever happens I hope you’ll update us!


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6 months ago

Sounds amazing! I like the idea of the open shower rooms, where you can see all the ducks on show.

I’ve personally not done the whole gym shower thing, but it’s a fantasy I have every now and then. I’m a bigger guy, so the idea of wanking with another bear would be cool. Jerking off each other’s soapy cocks. A bit of sneaky reach around wanking. Grabbing hold tight and really playing around with a stuff dick.

hole that made you hard, and possibly made you have a wank. Let me know if it did. I get hard just reading stories on here

Josh C
Josh C
6 months ago

Been there done that. Sounds like there might be a vibe. Go for it.

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