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We take security and safety seriously. As responsible webmasters we work hard to ensure that all content found on this website, from submitted posts to visitor comments, are screened before becoming publicly available.

However, we also understand that things can be missed, links to external sites can be redirected and the content of a page today might have changed since we published a link to it.

As such, we urge our visitors to report anything they consider to be strange, suspicious or malicious to us using the CONTACT page, so that we can look into it ourselves and take appropriate action.

This request applies to content found on this website as well as content found elsewhere. If you see a link to any of our pages in a location where it should not exist, please inform us immediately so that we can investigate or notify the relevant authorities.

BuddyBate.com is an adult website exclusively for the use of adults over the age of 18. Any content, behavior or communications from those intending to break the law will be reported to the authorities, along with any technical data we can supply to assist the authorities in their identification process.

Thank you for helping to keep the internet, and our website, safe for all.

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