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Submitted by James

Man do I love buddybate! Never knew there were so many like minded guys out there. It’s great hearing others experiences and I’m happy to share my own!

This encounter happened when I was 26. I was living in downtown New York in an old Italian neighborhood. It was the summer which meant I was always horned up. Walking around the city or riding the subway I couldn’t help but stare at all the guys in basketball shorts and workout gear.

Now a little about me. I’m 6 ft tall, about 180. By no means a muscle god but I got some meat on my bones. Brown hair and a slightly furry body. My cock is about 7 inches cut and in the summer there’s about a 50/50 chance im free balling.

On this particular night, I had been working late. I decided to walk home and didn’t get back to my neighborhood until about 10:30. I hate the crowds of NYC so I usually take a more roundabout, but less touristy route home.

Just as I was nearing my apartment building I noticed a man in running gear headed my way. He was older than me, probably mid fifties. In decent shape. Wearing a t shirt and bright red tights. From far away he caught my attention because those tights were violently red, and you could see everything. And I mean everything! His pouch was pushed up so high it was sticking out like a unicorn horn. There was simply no way to look at this man without noticing his penis.

As we walked by each other I just stared. I figured ‘hey if he’s out there in that he wants attention’. I watched him walk away, trying to steal a glance at his ass. That’s when he turned around!


For the longest time I couldn’t tell if he was just enjoying the scenery or if he was cruising. He was glancing in my direction every once in a while, but was slow to come over. I decided to temp him by grabbing my crotch a little. Sure enough, that worked! He slowly made his way over.

When we were only a few feet apart I told him I liked his leggings and that I wanted to see what he had underneath. For someone reason he seemed shy, like he didn’t know how to respond to my comment. I worried that I got the wrong impression. However I decided to be bold. Right there on the street, I unzipped my pants and let my soft cock hang out. He just stared for a minute, but then when in to touch.

I loved the feeling of his hands on me. They were a bit rough. He clearly knew how to touch another man though. He had me stiff as a rock in no time. That’s when I moved in. I slipped my hand inside his tights and pulled out his furry daddy dick. It was about 6 inches, cut, with a beautiful pink bell head and a nice bush.



It wasn’t long before I could feel my balls start to tighten. He cock seemed to be made of steel he was so hard. Just then he shot out a huge thick spurt of cum that covered my cock. The second his hand moved across my jizz covered dick I began to cum. Must have been one of the biggest loads of my life!

There we were, standing in the middle of the street, our pants down to our knees, holding each others cum covered cocks. I thanked him for fun, pulled up my clothes, and went home. Must’ve jacked off three more times that night thinking about how hot an encounter that was!

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I love to bate and especially love it when unplanned fun like this happens. Never saw that daddy again, but man did he leave an impression!

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