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Submitted by Jack_Hard

I just read the story in Book Of Bate 2 about joggers wanking together and I had to share my experience!

I’m 36 and married. I had wank mates years ago and it was cool kicking back with friends and rubbing one out. That was all we did. There were no mutual hand jobs or circle jerks or anything. We just watched porn and wanked our own. I dropped out of it for a long time but got more curious about it a few years ago and started looking at the bator community online and realized that I really missed those wanks. I never knew there were so many guys who were just into wanking with other guys. I got more into the idea of wanking other cocks and frotting and that kind of stuff.

I did all the usual things of camming with other guys and finding local guys and exchanging messages but I kept chickening out of meeting up. I probably pissed off ten different guys in Manchester by bailing out of meeting. I’m not proud of it but I was thinking with my dick when I was horny and wanking and then when it came down to actually meeting I was too pussy to do it.

Then I started messaging with another local guy who was so relaxed and chilled out about things it made it a lot easier. He’s married too and had a few experiences like I did when he was younger but he carried on wanking with a couple of mates. We swapped messages a few times a day. We sent each other dick pics and I found out he’s got a huge thick cock. As soon as I saw it I wanted to feel it. He really liked my dick too and it was a turn on reading his messages.

We started talking about other stuff and I told him I run in the mornings and he said he always wanted to get into that and how it could be a good way to meet up for wanks.

I nearly chickened out of it again but he was so chilled out about it and I was so desperate to get into actually wanking his big dick that I agreed to meet up with him for a run.

He lives on the East side of the city and I’m on the West but he drove over and met me at the park.

The first time we just ran. It wasn’t a long run I just took him on my usual quick route. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be. We were like good mates already. We hardly talked about wanking or our dicks.

I think he made it a lot easier by making that first meeting less about wanking and more about getting to know each other. By the time we were back at the car park I was a lot more relaxed about things.

The next time we met up it was all about wanking lol

We were there for 5 minutes before we were looking for a place to get our cocks out. We were there before 7am so there was no one else around. It’s not a busy park anyway but a few dog walkers and a couple of other runners are usually there from around 8.

We found a gap in the bushes and got our hard cocks out and we just grabbed each other and started wanking! It was fucking amazing feeling his fat dick in my hand and as soon as we rubbed our dicks together I felt like I was ready to cum. I kind of expected it to feel good to have another dude wanking my cock but he got me ready to shoot so quickly!

It lasted a few minutes but then I just started jizzing and he joined in. We aimed our cocks to the side and just started spurting our wads out over the ground. It was so fucking good! We splashed it everywhere with each other’s dicks in our hands.

That was the start of my wanks with him and we’ve been meeting up ever since. We’ve become good mates and we do a lot together other than wank but we get our dicks out and wank each other a couple of times a week. We started having “gaming nights” a couple of times a month when his wife is working and we just watch porn and edge each other. We’ve had wanks at the urinals in the pub. We’ve found 4 different places around the city to drive out and wank off outside.

It’s easily the best friendship I ever had.

I meant to send this in ages ago but there was another guy who had a similar story. I thought it might have been my wank mate but it wasn’t lol

After reading that story I thought now was a good time.

Sorry for my shitty writing. I never wrote anything like this for a website before.

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1 year ago

This is a great experience… thanks for telling us about it.

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