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Could the new Satisfyer Men Pleasure Stroker be the masturbator of choice for 2018?

We are always looking for new masturbators to try out and recommend to our readers, and while we haven’t had the opportunity to give the new Satisfyer Men Pleasure Stroker a test drive yet we’re already expecting this masturbator to become one of the hottest wank toys of 2018.

As usual, there’s a lot of hype about this toy and what it’s capable of, but if you know anything about masturbators (and I think you all probably do) just the look of this thing gives us hope that it’s going to be amazing. They’re promising incredible climaxes with this toy, and from what we know about it there’s a good chance it might even exceed the pleasure level of the ZOLO Twist strokers. If you tried either of those then you probably know they’re two of the most incredible toys to sink your cock into.

So, what makes the clumsily named Satisfyer Men Pleasure Stroker so special?

It’s not just a regular masturbator you slide into and fuck, this one has some special features. You can no doubt imagine what that internal CyberSkin sleeve will feel like brushing over your cock as you hump in and out of it, but there more to this stroker than meets the eye.

They’ve seemingly taken some tips from the Tenga company when it comes to making a masturbator with features you wouldn’t expect. This toy comes with a pressure regulation mechanism, but no batteries are required. It’s another great example of expert design, using your own actions to pull air into it or push air out, with an adjustable valve that allows you to change the tightness of the tunnel and the pressure within.

It’s all contained in a sleek and stylish housing, but it’s easy to maintain and clean.

While we don’t usually pay much attention to how toys supposedly “mimic” a sexual act, this apparently feels like vaginal or oral sex. We really don’t give a toss about that, we just want toys that feel great and can add something new to the experience. It’s safe to say the Satisfyer Men Pleasure Stroker does exactly that.

If you need any more assurances that this is a toy to try, porn star Rocco Siffredi has been promoting it, claiming it’s amazing. Yeah, he’s probably being paid to say that, but for some reason I believe him when he says he’s used it and it felt incredible.

You can find out more about the Satisfyer Men Pleasure Stroker over at BlokeToys. It’s been a while since we promoted their products but you guys definitely need to see this one.

Rocco Siffredi with the Satisfyer Men Pleasure StrokerSatisfyer Men Pleasure Stroker in caseinside the Satisfyer Men Pleasure Stroker

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