See Baxter Robins Pump His Straight Bodybuilder Cum!
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See Baxter Robins Pump His Straight Bodybuilder Cum!

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Video title: Straight Muscular Body Builder Wanks his Uncut Cock & Fires a Big Load of Cum Everywhere!

Source: EnglishLads

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I think quite a few of you go to the gym, and it’s not just to work out and stay in shape. We get plenty of experiences from readers who either jerk it with their gym buddies or use the gym to show off and watch other bators.

Baxter Robins is probably gonna have plenty of you wishing you could work out with him and pump some straight bodybuilder cum in the showers after.

This straight 21 year old dude is a dedicated gym-goer.

That’s obvious within seconds of seeing him, though.

Having met plenty of bodybuilders over the years I can tell you that a lot of them don’t have a shy bone in their body. Most of them love being admired, and they love being seen naked.

One of the first bodybuilder guys I ever stroked cock with was a friend from work. I was about 27/28 at the time and I was considering getting back into the gym.

I didn’t consider him a potential wank buddy initially. Maybe I thought he was way too narrow minded when it comes to that kind of stuff. Still, I knew it would be fun to work out with him so we started going to the gym together. I was his plus-one when that was a thing at our local gym.

Turns out I was wrong. He was horny 24/7. We soon got into discussions about sex, and wanking. He proudly admitted to jacking it three times a day.

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Harvey Robinson has a lot of confidence and a very horny attitude. The straight jock isn’t shy about getting his long intact dick out and wanking himself to a spurting cum load.

Before long we were finishing our gym sessions with a wank off, watching porn and playing with our dicks. We only wanked each other a few times but he really got into that.

He’s a show off

I don’t know if this guy would splash out any muscle man cum with a buddy but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was at least curious about it.

He’s real laid back. He’s enjoying showing off his incredible physique in this video and admits that he really enjoys being naked. He obviously doesn’t mind other guys admiring his body and his cock.

As he hasn’t shot off a load for a few days he’s soon hard.

Just a little wagging and tugging of his shaved pink penis and he’s playing with a long and slender erection while he shows off his massive body and gives us some muscle man poses.

He reminds me of those guys from the physique shoots back in the 50s and 60s. It would be fun to get him and one of the other bigger guys there into a black and white shoot like that.

After a good long wank and a lot of talking we finish up with a hot fountain of messy straight bodybuilder cum splashing from his dick and splatting down over his hip and thigh.

He’s real pleased with himself after that.

It looks like we’re going to see him back for more. He was very quick to say he’ll be returning. I think he’s probably going to get a massage and happy ending, but I’m really looking forward to him rubbing cocks and shooting a load off with another one of their bators.

Check out some of the tame pics below and click here to see him rubbing up that muscle man dick to a good finish!

Run time: 41:21

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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