Sharing A Masturbator With My Buddy – The New PDX Plus Pick Your Pleasure Stroker

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Submitted by Biggun

It had been so long since I last shared a good stroke with my wank mate that I decided to seek out a new toy and make our first bate session after all the lock downs something to remember. Sharing a masturbator with my friend is always fun but I really wanted a toy that could give us that MMF experience.

I found it in the PDX Plus Pick Your Pleasure Stroker, courtesy of BlokeToys.

It’s one toy in a good range of affordable strokers in the realistic style and when I saw how the inner tunnel curves around with two different sensations for the pussy and arse I knew my buddy would love to try it too.

The PDX Plus Pick Your Pleasure Stroker has two holes, a vagina and anus.
The PDX Plus Pick Your Pleasure Stroker has dual holes with different sensations within

After more than a year of not jerking off together we were pretty desperate. We’d stayed in touch throughout, sending videos and photos, writing about our experiences, getting on cam and watching movies together. We planned to meet up in the woods for a socially distanced wank but we changed our minds about that when his wife got sick. She’s okay, but it was pretty scary.

So, we were really desperate to get back to our wanks and once we’d both been vaccinated I ordered some new lube and a PDX Plus Pick Your Pleasure Stroker, looking forward to sharing a masturbator again and helping each other get those loads out in person.

To say it was an awesome experience would be an understatement. I’m gonna confess something and admit that I shot my load within five minutes. I don’t know if it was just the excitement of finally getting to handle his dick again or the pleasure this new toy gave me but within moments of us sliding both our cocks into the holes and feeling our tips touching over the curve in the end of the tunnel I was ready to start pumping my cum into it.

It feels great. Sharing a masturbator always feels incredible but with our balls bouncing together and the ribs of the vagina tunnel pleasuring my cock while his dick pumped the pussy I couldn’t hold it back for as long as I usually do and I just started shooting it into the tunnel.

My buddy wasn’t far behind. We usually like to see each other cum but the second he felt my cum filling the tunnel and covering his helmet he started shooting his jizz into it.

It’s probably not surprising that we were ready to go again after about half an hour and this time we really got to enjoy it. After a few minutes of masturbating each other and frotting our dicks we slid in for round two, this time I was fucking the arse and my mate was filling the pussy.

The internal tunnels of the PDX Plus Pick Your Pleasure Stroker masturbator,
Pick from a ribbed or a nubbed realistic interior

We had a good long session, pumping the toy up and down our dicks and massaging each other through the fleshy material.

The toy is really well designed and for the price I was impressed. Most toys like this tend to be in the £40-50 price range but PipeDream has managed to pack a lot into a more affordable price. Fanta Flesh is a great material to use for a masturbator like this and if you’ve ever tried one in the past you’ll know why. It really does feel great and manages to hold its form while in use, and be fleshy and stretchy enough for two cocks to fill it.

It definitely did the trick for us. After that quick wank that finished too early we managed to properly enjoy the tunnels and switch it around a couple of times, rubbing our shafts together in-between wanks with it, eventually finishing with a double-barrel frot wank and making each other bust another load out each.

I’ve used this toy solo a few times since and my wife has used it on me too. It’s a lot of fun and I would recommend it even if you’re wanking solo, but it’s definitely a great one if you’re into sharing a masturbator with a friend and enjoying some good DP.

I would certainly recommend this toy whether you just want a great stroker to use solo, giving you two toys in one, or whether you enjoy sharing a masturbator with another guy. It’s excellent for both and we’re going to be enjoying it plenty of times in the future now that we’re back into our relaxing bate sessions.

You can check out more at BlokeToys by clicking here.

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I go by the name Biggun. I'm a 52 year old married man from the Midlands, UK. I'm a professional in the field of business consultancy but in my free time I enjoy intense masturbation both solo and with other men. I have an interest in toys and lubricants and like to explore and try new things. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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2 years ago

Never tried sharing a toy with a wank mate before but wouldn’t mind giving this thing some DP fucking with one of my mates

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