Shooting off our cum loads in the locker room – Rugby team wanking

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Rugby players don’t give a fuck. I found this out when I joined a local team back in 2010 and started playing at the weekends. One of my mates got me into it after he started a team with his uni mates and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

I’ve always been into wanking with mates, ever since I was a teenager and hanging out with my mates in the woods and beating our meat over porn mags. I don’t know where we used to get them from but there was always some pussy mags being passed around while we all got our dicks out and wanked ourselves stupid.

I carried that on into my adult years, stroking with mates over porn whenever I got the chance. My mate who got me on the team was one of them, we were always hanging out at his place or mine and after a few beers at night we’d end up watching the adult channel and getting our dicks out for some stroking.

It turned out he took this into his Rugby playing too.

After a couple of weeks of playing on a local field we got a match with another local team and managed to rent out the local college fields and their changing rooms. It was only a local match between a couple of amateur teams but we all had girlfriends and wives there cheering us on, and a few of the locals around the campus came out to watch too. It was a good game and we won in the end.

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We all crammed back into the changing rooms and were cleaning up when one of the other guys made a joke about Terry wanking off at the urinal. Or at least I thought it was a joke.

He actually was, and soon he wasn’t the only one. Someone said something about it being a new tradition, rewarding ourselves with a wank after winning a game. Soon the guy who made the joke about Terry was over there beside him aiming his cock into the urinal and wanking himself off too. Another one of the guys joined them…

After a few minutes it was kind of asserted that this was indeed a new tradition, eight of the guys were all crammed in there against the long porcelain trough stroking their cocks, to much amusement and plenty of raucous noise.

My cock was rock hard by this point, but I was safe knowing that everyone else was hard too. Every dick in the changing rooms was throbbing, being wanked, being checked out as the guys all cracked jokes about whose was shorter, who likes watching, who was paying more attention to other dicks than their own… it was all lighthearted and fun, no real homophobia to be found.

I waited for a space at the trough and the moment one of the guys announced his load was shot and stepped away I moved into the space.

It was the horniest experience I’d ever had, a line of hard cocks all being stroked together, masculine flesh being pleasured as all the guys stroked their dicks and one by one began squirting their cum from their shafts.

Greg, right beside me, stroking a fat cock with a long hood of foreskin, was the next to start spewing, with jets of white erupting from his swollen helmet and splashing against the back of the porcelain. There was so much of it, it just kept squirting out of his dick as the other guys made comments and jokes about drowning someone.

He stepped back and another cock arrived just in time to start pumping cream out, thick and heavy, messy splashes that almost vanished against the white of the trough.

He stepped back and I could feel my cock throbbing and my load rising ready to be shot, I wanted to hold back and see more cum being dumped.


Stephen, the youngest and fittest of our team at only 21 was the next to start splashing, his slender dick arching upward and his veins throbbing as his milky streams erupted and almost shot against the wall above the trough. Again comments started and became almost cheers as the remaining guys showed how impressed they were with his power. He shot quite a load too, at least 8 squirts of cum flying from his cock and dripping down the back of the urinal.

That seemed to have Dave ready to pump, the big muscled man with a short thick dick and a cut round head that was swollen like a mushroom. He was a frantic wanker, which some of the guys had already commented on. His hand rapidly rubbing his helmet as he spat down onto it, a thick and heavy load of cum oozing from his dick and dripping down into the mess the other guys had already created.

By the time I couldn’t hold my cum in any longer it was just me and Aaron, a real jock dude, the guy with the fittest girlfriend, and we all knew why. His cock was amazing, 9 inches long and with a sexy curve upward, his helmet flared out with his bunched up foreskin behind it, sliding forward over the tip with every stroke.

We were now competing, the other guys were all back under the showers and still cracking jokes and celebrating the win as if their group wank had never happened. Occasionally someone would call out something about me and Aaron having trouble getting off and we would fire back with some joke about picturing their girlfriend of wife.

Me and Aaron were watching each other, I could feel his eyes on my cock and I got the feeling we were both almost waiting for the other to start cumming.

Then he did, massive jets of spunk started erupting from his amazing cock, splashing up like Stephen’s load had, almost missing the top of the trough and hitting the wall above. His dick was so hard, rigid and covered in veins as his semen shot from his big red helmet.

That was all I needed and my cock was erupting too as he watched my load flying out. It was the most intense climax I think I had ever experienced. I leaned forward and braced myself against the wall as both our dicks continued to spew cum out into the urinal in front of us. My balls were aching, his cock was dripping the last of his load and my jizz was firing in short spurts as the last of my juice left my body.

We caught our breath together, squeezing out the last of our cum and still watching the others dick.

I stepped back from the trough and could just about see the mess of thick cum collecting and traveling along the bottom of the urinal toward the hole, I reached up and smacked the silver button at the top and the waterfall splashed down from the rail, washing our teams cum away.

It did indeed become a tradition, with every win celebrated in style as the Rugby team wanking sessions became a regular thing. Nothing motivates men to win more than the opportunity to share their cocks and cum loads in a group stroke session!

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7 years ago

Never been into sports that much but work out every week and this now has me thinking about joining a team! Fucking hot story and can we please have more?

7 years ago

I agree with Harry. More of this please! Totally hot thinking about all those guys shooting their cum together. Love the sports theme too.

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