Shower wanks with my flatmate

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Submitted by K

I read one of the other posts by another reader and it sounded a lot like my experience. I moved in with my best mate four years ago after a few weeks were were used to seeing each other’s dicks. Then he got a job at a warehouse by where I was working so we would go into work together. That meant every morning we would be dodging each other and trying to get done in the bathroom before work and one thing led to another and we decided to both use the shower at the same time. It was big enough so it wasn’t a major problem.

On the second or third morning I got a massive stiffy and we had a joke about it. Then he got hard and before we knew it we were both wanking. It kind of became part of the morning routine and about two or three weeks later we were comparing cocks and frotting while we were talking about girlfriends.

I’m not gonna lie it was awkward for the first time but after touching dicks and wanking each other it was a lot easier. Not sure I’m as into as a lot of the other lads here on the site but I like seeing a good dick being wanked, it’s fun and who doesn’t like being wanked off? I don’t have a problem with him wanking me or wanking him back and cumming before work.

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Never thought I would be saying this but it’s just good fun between mates and it’s pretty good having someone you’re that close with.

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