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Site Review: IslandStuds

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The IslandStuds website presents horny bators of all kinds from their amateur outdoor studio in the gorgeous state of Hawaii.

Beginning on new year’s day 2009, the studio has regularly delivered fit, athletic, muscled or guy next door models for naked play in the sun. Their themes are quite diverse and include a lot of easygoing nudism and full-on jack off exhibitionism.

While some of the videos are of guys getting naked and hard and playing football or Frisbee with a friend on the beach, others feature pissing and the guys doing manual work around the yard. There are various little tasks the director enjoys seeing them perform, naked.

The interviews at the start of a video can also be pretty informative. We find out a little about the model, their life, their relationships, where they’re from and what they do for a living. Sometimes there’s a little sexual talk but we often have unanswered questions.

It’s a personal gripe of mine that when we see interviews with straight exhibitionists we often don’t hear obvious questions asked, such as how comfortable they are being naked around other men, or experiences they might have had jacking off with other guys or engaging in MMF threesomes. I also understand that other viewers might not care about that, but it would be one of the first things I asked a straight man who seems excited to get his cock out for a jack off session.

The real focus, at least for us, is all the masturbation the men enjoy in their videos.

IslandStuds features mostly straight men naked, hard and masturbating

Most of their models identify as straight but they’re exhibitionists or just don’t mind being naked and hard for the cameras. There are a lot of solo jack off sessions from horny bators who apparently enjoy being watched jacking off and shooting their loads.

The type of model varies. There are a lot of hung men who seem eager to show off their big dicks knowing that they have a lot to play with. Some are lean and fit 18-25 year olds exploring their exhibitionism for the first time, but there are also a lot of muscular and experienced men with an abundance of confidence.

Most of the videos end with a shower clean up scene.

Every few weeks we get a duo video. Sometimes they’re friends watching porn and jacking off together for the first time, other times they’ve been teamed up to masturbate in each other’s company. Very rarely guys suck cock. Occasionally they just play games and show off their hard dicks to each other.

While there are very few videos where the men help each other with their bate, the sight of two men openly enjoying their large cocks and freely splashing their semen together is something we all love to see, especially when it’s a couple of friends.

All videos can be streamed or downloaded. While older videos average about 20-25 minutes in length newer videos are HD and seem to run to about 30 minutes, on average.

A new video arrives every two weeks, on a Wednesday, resulting in 2 or 3 updates per month.

From my estimate, almost all of their models appear in only one or two videos, but now and then they have a local model who comes back for numerous scenes with various activities, from solo jacking to pissing with other guys and jacking off side-by-side with other models.

While all the videos have a text description a lot of the newer videos have what I might refer to as a “wall of text”. It seems to be written for SEO (search engine optimization) rather than for the viewer, so finding relevant information in the description can be hard.

At time of writing there are 534 videos – each with a gallery of approx 60 photos – and 377 models.

There are several membership options to choose from when signing up, all of which are reasonable considering the amount of content the members have access to and the niche style of the amateur content.





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