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Happy New Year everyone!

I hope your 2023 is going well so far.

Ours has been rocky.

You might have noticed that there was no lovely new newsletter delivered in the first days of 2023. We did send one, but apparently only a few hundred of you recieved it before something popped somewhere and things went awry. We’ve been trying to get this fixed ever since.

This means that most of you never got the new password for the “SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE: Best Bro Muscle Show” post. As there is no end in sight for our newsletter problems right now we have decided to make the most recent fiction post public, so if you click that link above you should now find it and you don’t need a password.

We’re hoping to get our newsletter situation worked out soon.

We also had issues sending merch out in December so if you’re still waiting for your items please bear with us and BlokeToys. We had some major problems with international mail being sent from the UK in December and January, with strikes ongoing. I believe the BlokeToys team decided to delay some shipments rather than risk them being lost in the ether somewhere.

Things are now being caught up and everyone should be made whole within the next week or two.

Book Of Bate Vol. 3 was due to be published in January, but this has been pushed back to February. I’ve been getting so many emails from guys who can’t wait to read the next one but we want to make sure it’s as perfect as can be before we publish it. In the meantime, we lowered the price of Book of Bate 1 and 2 to £4.99 for the month of January, which you would have known about if our newsletter didn’t implode like a flan in a cupboard. You can click here and check them out, we’ll probably extend this discount for another couple of weeks into February seeing as most of you didn’t know about it.

We’ll also probably coincide this with the release of Book of Bate Vol. 3, so if you want to get the first two for less now is the time 🙂

Thank you for making 2022 so awesome here at BuddyBate.

What’s to come in 2023?

We’ll have a lot more fiction for you guys to enjoy. We have plans for at least another 20 editions of the Book of Bate with story outlines already completed and more being added every week.

We’re planning to build a simple app so you can access the BuddyBate site with one click and be alerted to new posts when they arrive. This might also help us to bypass the newsletter issues.

We’re still working on the icon package, which will give you a free selection of BuddyBate logo images to use around the internet, letting online audiences know you’re a member of the club.

We also have plans to expand the merch with other new items including original artwork by an artist in the community!

So, happy new year everyone, I hope we can get things back on track soon and start properly enjoying 2023.

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