Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part One

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Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part One, has arrived at Patreon!

Our fourth story in the Sporty Strokers collection takes us on a trip to a training facility with a rowing team. Most of the guys aren’t embarrassed about satisfying their needs, but Stephen doesn’t understand their brazenness, at least until coach Richie interrupts him in the shower taking the opportunity of privacy to shoot cum load.

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Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part One

I had ulterior motives for helping him clean up, I admit. Since arriving at the training facility privacy had been an obvious issue. Sharing a room with two of my teammates had been difficult despite the fact we were such close friends. Neither Marc nor Andrew were shy about things, they’d leave the bathroom door open while they wanked in the shower, morning erections would be proudly displayed and slapped around, neither of them would think twice about rubbing one out into some tissues to start the day, watching porn on their phones and shooting off a load without shame or restraint, not a care in the world about being seen.

Most of the guys on the team were like that, but for some reason I was just too timid. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been shy, maybe I just didn’t understand why guys would be that open with each other. The one time I’d tried to have a wank in the shower and locked myself in our shared bathroom Marc had made a big deal of it, mocking me for being such a prude. Being the target of so much attention just from him, and knowing he might find an opportunity to bring it up again in a group, was embarrassing enough that I gave up on the idea and concocted the plan to get the team showers to myself.

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    I’d like to know who wrote this story?


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