Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part Six

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Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part Six, has arrived at Patreon!

After rubbing cocks with coach Richie in the showers in part five and splashing out a couple of big loads together they’re caught bathing in the messy afterglow of their first shared climax.

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Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part Six

By the time I looked up again Richie was on his way out of the showers. I hung back, glancing over to the sight of Luke naked and glistening under the flow of water, his incredible cock still arching out in front of him like a rude banana, the fat bell-shaped head flared and red where his foreskin had bunched up behind the ridge.

Of course I’d seen him naked and swollen countless times before and although perhaps I’d been intrigued by his confidence and sexual energy in the past I was looking at him in a new light. Before it was mostly comedic, light-hearted and fun to see his dick springing up while he energetically regaled the team with the story of his latest sexual conquest. It was funny to see him giving it some rapid rubs and alluding to needing to get off, swinging his length around and giving it some slaps, thriving off the attention all the other guys offered with their banter. He never had properly stroked one out around any of the guys in the showers as far as I knew, but he’d probably been close more than a few times and I doubt that many of the other guys would have cared or thought it was especially surprising.

Remembering those days now it was probably inevitable that the guys would eventually get into a group wank in the showers, they mostly just needed someone to kick things off.

The last Luke had triggered such horny banter had been perhaps just a week or two before, after another training session. Everyone was in the showers, apart from Coach, and Greg, who seemed to always manage to get washed up and out of there within ten seconds. I can’t remember what started the conversation but it was probably one of the guys asking Luke who he’d been fucking at the weekend, that’s usually what started things.

Whatever caused it that time Luke was soon telling us all about being sucked off by a former girlfriend’s aunt in a Tesco’s carpark in the middle of the night. He’d seen her at the pub and she was a little tipsy and basically just offered to blow him. Luke always loved to get into great detail about his conquests, he was quite skilled in describing every little move, from the feel of a wet clit to the taste of a pussy, the sensation of a tongue around his foreskin to the pleasure of having his nuts sucked… by the time he was gripping his cock and running a finger around his bulging helmet to show the lads how her tongue worked him over most of the guys in there were either rock hard or getting there, with a couple of the lads giving it some slow wanks while they guffawed or jeered him.

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