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Sporty Strokers – Grower/Shower – Part 2

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Paul really didn’t want to run into Ben in the park after he was caught staring at his huge cock in the team showers, and while he was hard too. It’s an awkward moment for both.

Excerpt from Sporty Strokers – Grower/Shower – Part 2

“I didn’t know you were into guys. If I’d known then…” as soon as he said that I winced and stopped, probably a little too quickly. He jogged a few more steps before coming back to join me.

“Huh?” I breathed heavily, “I’m not into guys” I could feel my face flushing red, thankfully it was probably disguised by the effort of my run and the sweat trickling down.

I met his eyes, determined to assert myself and make this misunderstanding just go away. “Why would you think I’m into guys?”

He seemed genuinely panicked for a moment and looked away, back to where his friends had been. They’d already left the park. “Oh, fuck” he chuckled “I just thought…” he paused “I mean I noticed you looking the other day”

I reached up to wipe the sweat from my brow. It was one of those moments where I decided honesty was the best policy, or at least a little honesty. “Mate” I began “yeah I noticed you got a massive dick, I was surprised. You should be used to that though, right?”

He smirked, but I wasn’t done explaining, or excusing.

“It was just bad timing. I was thinking about my girlfriend at the time and well, you know” he seemed to get it “nothing to do with you, other than the surprise of seeing that huge dick of yours” I laughed, nervously.

For at least a few moments it felt like it was over, that this laddy banter was pretty normal between a couple of guys.

We kind of agreed to keep moving without saying anything. I think I knew my run was over. Once I stop like that I don’t really want to get back into it, a light jog would get me home but for now we found ourselves just strolling along the path toward where the thin strip of woodland blocked the park from the road.

“Sorry mate” Ben said. He seemed to want to sound as relaxed about it as possible, which was a good sign “I should be used to guys looking but that and the stiffy got me thinking, well, you know”.





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