Sporty Strokers – Grower/Shower – Part 3

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Paul quickly discovers just how open his new teammate is. After being caught ogling Ben’s massive cock in the team showers it seems he’s become a target of the young man’s propositions.

Excerpt from Sporty Strokers – Grower/Shower – Part 3

“Aw mate” he said mockingly “none of those guys are into sucking it, it’s just wanks with them”.

I looked at him with probably a quizzical expression “so it’s blowjobs with other guys and wanks with your best mates?” I shook my head “sounds like your dick’s pretty busy, does your girlfriend even get a look in?”

Without even a moment’s pause he grabbed the front of his shorts and tugged down the waistband, his huge cock swinging out, already thickening up. “This thing is fucking demanding mate and she gets plenty” he grabbed his exposed length in his hand and tugged it a couple of times, a back-handed stroke “at least three wanks a day even if she rides it” I stared at it again, unable to look away from the fleshy bright pink hose of penis “my mates are cool with wanks”.

I quickly looked around, noticing another tall guy walking towards us maybe a hundred feet away. I don’t think he noticed the two young men up ahead, one flashing his huge dick, he was busy watching his energetic dog at the end of a leash sniffing at a lamppost. Panic grew inside me nonetheless. “Fuck mate, put it away” I laughed nervously.

“Maybe I should ask him if he wants to suck it?” he joked, but it almost felt like a threat. My heart sank into my stomach at the thought of what Ben might do. Although he’d been quiet and kept himself to himself with the team it was like his real personality had been suddenly shared with me, and it was a crazy one, a guy who just didn’t seem to give a fuck about much.


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2 years ago

I’m so turned on with the idea of touching another mans cock and maybe so much more

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