Wanking out a big cum shot with horny straight guy Justin McGregor
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Squirting a big cum shot with Justin McGregor

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Site reviewWe saw Justin McGregor for the first time last month, getting his big uncut cock out and wanking himself off for the first time on video, and now he’s back for another performance that you’re gonna want to see if you’re into guys squirting off a big cum shot.

Who isn’t into seeing a dude unloading hard and messy?

I was hoping we might see him wanking with one of the other guys for his second video, but after checking out this gallery I’m really looking forward to seeing him enjoying his hooded dick again in a solo. Maybe the next one we get with him will be a mutual wank?

Justin McGregor wanking his uncut cock and cumming hardRelated: Straight guy wanking one out, Justin McGregor gets a load splashing

Fit and horny wanker Justin McGregor seems to love showing off his uncut cock and wanking it for the guys out there. Check out that hot splashing cum load the dude delivers after enjoying his hooded boner for a while!

For this one he seems to have been saving his cream. I guess I would be doing the same if I were wanking on video for an audience. Or, maybe he just always shoots off massive squirting cum shots like this?

He’s a fit and very horny guy, that’s for sure. He has a great cock, pink and smooth, throbbing and wet with precum as he strokes himself off and performs for the guys. You can tell he’s enjoying himself and seems to love being on display.

As soon as he gets his uncut cock out he’s hard and throbbing. His tight foreskin slides back and his shiny cock head is revealed. After performing and loving all the attention he lays back on the bed and really gets down to it while he watches some porn.

When that final moment comes and he starts to squirt, he makes an amazing mess as his big cum shot pumps out all over him, drenching his abs and chest in semen. He cums so hard and with so much force that when his jets of jizz splash right between his pecs he splashes himself in the face with his load.

Yeah, it’s a hard ricocheting cum shot!

Check out some of the pics and click through if you want to see his first video. He shot a big load then, but this one is definitely bigger.

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