STR8-B8? Nude Beach Buddy

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Submitted by Jonathan

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I have always been a free-spirited, uninhibited guy and tend to draw like-minded people into my life. Gerry, who’s 3 years older than me, is one of those guys who tends to be something of an exhibitionist in my opinion; he would always strip outside his suburban house and shower with the garden hose after a long day of yard maintenance. He’d towel off before going inside to spend the rest of his day in the buff. His girlfriend enjoyed having a clean, naked hunk to chill out with and who could blame her? He’s about 5’9” very lean from physical work, well-tanned all over with just the right amount of body hair and a slightly larger-than-average package.

As we work together, I’m totally open about the fact I’m gay, but that never seemed to faze him in the least. About an hour away from where we both lived is an awesome nude beach. Knowing how comfortable he was with his body, I asked him one day at work if he wanted to go and he said sure.

A few days later we took the long drive down, hiked down to the beach and before I even had thrown down my towel, he was already butt naked, diving into the waves. We had an awesome time baking in the sun, cooling off in the water, listening to a group of drummers, a guitarist and a flutist on the beach. It was one of those days you just didn’t want to end, but late in the afternoon, we pulled on our shorts, and started homeward.

About 15 minutes up the road from the beach, is a very unusual geothermal spot where the steam comes up through caves and piles of rocks. He suggested pulling over. I did and then I followed him as we walked through trees and tall grass to get to the formations where the steam just pours out of every possible opening. People have made various benches around the area to be able to sit and relax in the steam. We climbed up on one of the taller hills and found a natural recess with its own bench. Sitting down in there, you could look down over the whole area, but no one could really see you.

Once I got over the edge to sit on the bench, Gerry dropped his shorts on the bench, sat on them, leaned back against the rocks and just let the steam come up between his legs and bead up all over his body. After the day we’d had, I didn’t think twice about stepping out of my shorts in this very close space. The two of us sat there, thigh to thigh, shoulder to shoulder, leaning back against the rocks soaking up the natural steam. I looked over and noticed his dick starting to chub up a bit when he says without opening his eyes, ”Dude, this is awesome, but I’m so fucking horny right now! I gotta rub one out.”

I laughed and said, “Do whatever feels good.”

I watched him as he slid his right hand down over his dripping wet chest and stomach. He slid his hand down into his groin and along the inside of his thigh down to his knee and then he slid his hand up my leg, his fingertips just lightly grazing my own dick and balls. At that moment, I saw his bronzed cock stand straight up. He let out a deep sigh and grabbed his reddening cock, while his left hand started to play across his chest and pinching his nipples.

In the back of my head, I’m thinking I thought he was straight but, here he is getting off and periodically reaching out, touching me, inviting me to join him. It was at that moment of pure sensuality, I realized as our bodies writhed under our mutual hands, there are no labels, just two people enjoying their bodies in the most natural way possible.

His breathing got heavy, and his fist started stroking harder. He let out a guttural moan and started shooting hot, white cum all over his chest, abdomen and me. I reached down and wiped up the splash on my side with a finger and tasted it while stroking away myself. Smokey, salty and so…I opened my eyes to see him leaning over me with the most intense look in his eyes. Without breaking eye contact he lowered his head, opened his mouth and licked my left nipple sending shockwaves through my body. Then, using his five o’clock shadow, he gently grazed my chest as he started to bite my nipple. I put my head back against the rocks, arched my back as I started shooting long ropes of cum over the both of us.

When the waves of the orgasm finally passed, I felt his dick against my leg. I opened my eyes and focused on him straddling my leg, holding himself up with his hands on the rocks on either side of me. He lowered his torso gently against me and slid his already hardening dick against mine, slick with steam, sweat, and cum. The smooth friction of his body moving against mine and my inner dialogue screaming, “This is really fucking happening!” and my brain on total overload.

“Dude, that was fucking awesome! You look a little shocked but, if you are up for it, we’re gonna have a lot more fun.” His smile was so brilliant. And then without any hesitation, he leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth; our tongues met and I couldn’t get enough of him at that moment.

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  • May 27, 2020 at 5:41 pm

    Wow! What a fucking hot story, had me cumming in no time! I want to hear more about your experiences.

  • May 28, 2020 at 4:16 am

    Great experience and glad you shared!

    • May 28, 2020 at 7:48 am

      Great story man! Sounds like an amazing time. Got me nice and hard ready to bate soon

  • June 30, 2020 at 6:10 am

    OMG i loved it….more pls


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