Str8 Rugby lad George Tanner gets his uncut tackle spurting

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Video title: Straight Rugby Lad George Shows his Muscular Body & Wanks his Uncut Cock & Cums Everywhere!

Source: EnglishLads

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I already know a lot of you guys were waiting to see the video of straight Rugby lad George Tanner having a good wank and getting his uncut cock splashing the cream. That video is finally here, and it’s an interesting one, too!

You may remember that for his debut photo shoot his good buddy Jack Keaney stopped by, interrupting his wank and posing while George played with his hard meat. Jack had the same kind of visit from his buddy George in his solo wank shoot too. It was pretty clear then that these two friends have a real close relationship and the sight of each other stiff and stroking it isn’t a big deal.

George definitely has that kind of attitude where that kind of thing between mates is normal, but then we’ve talked about how open a lot of Rugby players are when it comes to shooting a load with another lad.

I guess that means George and his buddy Jack might be wank mates already.

Within moments of his uncut cock being out he’s getting hard in his hand and smiling while he shows off. Surprisingly, despite being so easygoing the weirdest place he’s had a wank is driving down the motorway. I wish he’d been asked about wanking in the changing rooms or team showers, but the subject is just kind of skipped over and I feel like that’s a missed opportunity.

He works out every day, plays Rugby and he’s a horny easygoing guy too, I feel like there’s probably a few good stories of his mates in there and it’s a shame he wasn’t asked.

Still, this solo is good, he enjoys a good long wank and shows off his rigid cock, playing with his thick meat in all kinds of positions and posing for us before laying back and pumping a hot thick load out over his abs and pubes. We join him in the shower at the end for a little clean up, so you’ll probably be imagining you’re one of his Rugby mates in that moment, comparing dicks in the team showers 🙂

Click through to watch him, and leave a comment on his video when you get there too, I don’t think it’s gonna be long before we see him rubbing cocks with one of the other lads and maybe it’ll be his buddy Jack?

Run time: 38:30

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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