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Straight boy beats his meat and gets his load off

23-year-old Luis is a buff young straight-curious jock who recently moved to San Diego looking for new adventures and a new life. he soon discovered it wasn’t easy finding a full-time job so he started working random gigs in construction and handyman work, with a little mainstream modeling for sports and athletics on the side. He’s definitely got the jock body for that kind of thing.

He’d apparently thought about maybe modeling naked and doing some erotic work for a while but never had the opportunity before, so when he found out he could model and masturbate for money he jumped right into it. None of his friends know about this new gig, of course. I get the feeling he grew up in a pretty sheltered and religious environment and that’s only more plausible when we discover that he very rarely plays with his cock.

Unlike almost every guy I’ve ever met Luis only jerks off once or twice a month! For most of us that’s probably our daily stroke allowance so how he manages to keep his hands off his dick for that long is anyone’s guess. Even when I’m getting laid regularly I still stroke out loads every day.

He’s got a great cock with a great set of low-singing balls too, and I think that might be because of his jerk off method. Every now and then you see a guy who beats his meat in a new and interesting way and Luis seems to have a unique method all of his own where he can put his cock between his legs and make himself cum hands-free. He grips his balls between his thighs at some points too, maybe enjoying the slight ache it gives him. Is that why his balls are so loose and low?

Check him out making that cock spurt a hot and thick load, click through for the video to see him working that dick.

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